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Mirage is a hardware-accelerated visualizer that produces smoothly animated stylish graphics.

Mirage is a hardware-accelerated visualizer that produces smoothly animated stylish graphics.

Mirage is a next-generation feedback-based visual plug-in (ala Geiss). It combines responsive 3D wireframe objects with dynamic transformations to create smooth, always changing animations.

The engine is hardware-accelerated thanks to OpenGL, which ensures good framerates even at high resolutions.

All the effects in Mirage were carefully designed to give them a truly unique style. You really got to see it running to know what I mean. Mirage looks even better than the screenshots can show. Try it now!

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May 19, 2004 by Dylan Ivens444725 downloads

Mirage - Mirage is a hardware-accelerated visualizer that produces smoothly animated stylish graphics.

Staff review

Solid Geiss-like visual plugin

Very smooth transformations and objects... although, it isn't alltogether anything mind-blowingly new. I came across a bug in full screen mode... where Winamp's main window will stay maximized. (tested on a win2000 machine).


pretty good - It runs well, but the options to configure the program wont save in vista for some reason. - September 16, 2008 by logan summerhays

Nicely Done - Like White Cap and GForce combined.Fairly well done. - March 31, 2007 by Chris DeLucia

Amazing - This is Amazing, really cool, usually I don't use visualization but I just happen to download this after seeing it. Actually I was searching for some graphic equalizers, but after seeing the screen shots I felt I need to download it and use it. Though the screen shots are nice and smooth, but in action it is much smoother and cool, superb. - June 2, 2005 by Anand VVN

Good stuff - Ta bien chingon, pero como dice la revision, tiene un bug a la hora de maximizar y minimizar, pero si vale la pena bajarlo. - March 15, 2005 by Juan Perez

Nice plugin but no multi-monitor support. - This plugin conjures up many nice effects in the vein of milkdrop and geiss. However there is no support for multiple monitors which is an option of ever growing importance nowadays. I'll go back to milkdrop but this was worth the few minutes to sample. Check it out if you are looking for an alternative to AVS and the old standards by Mr. Geiss but dont waste your time if you need milti-monitor capabilities. - March 3, 2005 by Brian Mason

GREAT! - I love it, Great plugin! Its so higly detailed! - December 29, 2004 by DJ RD

Nice! - This Visualzation is exactly what i was looking for. It runs fast at max settings and looks great. It reacts to the music while maintaining a smooth non-chaotic look like most others. I hope there will be many more like this. :) - December 5, 2004 by Josiah Bradley

He's right it's too slow - On the cusp it feels like a cross between G-Force and Milk, but I didnt see where I could tweek the text to blur and join the sprites and objects, plus the beat detection seemed off a bit, mabey I'm an idiot but I didnt see where I could tweek that eighther. - November 18, 2004 by rib ribble

It is wonderful. - Very beautiful - November 12, 2004 by shinji asano

Top Plug-In - It's great! - October 13, 2004 by Ralf Spitzley

slow - I found It slow and laggy. I'm using xp with Winamp v5.05 - October 12, 2004 by Mikey mahar

Holy moses! - For some reason, I was baked and listening to Evanescence (who really likes Evanescence, anyway?), and my buddy found this vis. It blew my mind. - September 26, 2004 by Andreas Lundberg

Not bad if you only have 1 monitor. - This plugin renders some nice solid effects but nothing spectacular. My major complaint is the lack of multimonitor support (I like to run full screen vis on secondary monitor). Nice work, but I'll stick with milkdrop thanks. - August 8, 2004 by Brian Mason

nice - very nice plugin - May 28, 2004 by John Malkovic

no bugs here - i didnt find any bugs in xp, great visiuallizations by the way - May 19, 2004 by carnage UW