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Marco Avs

Trip Trip Trip

Trip Trip Trip

You never see same like this.You must install marco avs in programs\winamp\plugins\avs

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August 14, 2000 by Marco E. Muraca74162 downloads

Marco Avs - Trip Trip Trip

Staff review

Wow..some very nice presets here..

These are some of the most quality AVS presets that I've seen in a while....and Marco included a ton of them. There are two folders is the 'not so good' and one is the 'best.' There are a couple good ones in the not so good folder...but, for the most part they don't compare to the large collection of presets in the Best folder. All different types of styles... varied speeds and rendering techniques. Some very original stuff. I think that most of the 'not so good' folder could have been left out...but, overall this preset pack is very worthwhile. I highly reccommend it for all fans and creators of AVS presets. -dg


Not so good - Marco needs to keep working I've seen many that are better than this. - July 18, 2002 by Seth Stevens

Wait until I get my hands - On the no good sun-of-a-beach who made this festering pile of AVS suck. What is the point of these things? And why are they in the full-screen section. I guess you could maximize it if you dig slide shows. But Marco, don't take this to heart. I think you did a fine job. - June 21, 2001 by Karsten Olson