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Monstrous band plays your music.

Monstrous band plays your music.

Monstrous band plays your music. Updated: DirectDraw bugs were fixed.DirectX needed.

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April 20, 2001 by Fedor Zharinov208854 downloads

MAD_V_1_03 - Monstrous band plays your music.

Staff review

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Those cute little suckers are back and kicking butt.Ok kids you will love this one I know I sure did! Man does she whip azz. And its cute as hell as wellc-


:D - This one is FuNNy! =)) - March 16, 2003 by Abi S.

i'm outa words... - it's now 3.00am,better go to bed,bevore i get more STUPID SHIT like this. 1 star for - what?? - i'm just tired (of timewasting shit like this!!). - August 14, 2002 by andreas finken

smoke some more - what on earth were you smoking when you thought this was a good idea - April 24, 2002 by Matthew Laclair

Great plug-in - This is awsome but it still needs some fixing - April 7, 2002 by Mikko Rannikko

1970's foreign cartoon-thing - this sucked, so dont download it. it looks like some cheap cartoon. i dont even think the "musicians" matched up with the music. "random" low-quality cartooning for Winamp. Whoopee. - September 9, 2001 by mary stobie

DOWNLOAD NOW - This is the best plugin i have ever seen for winamp - it uses state of the art graphics which manipulate your graphics cards boundries. THIS IS THE MAN - June 23, 2001 by chazz singh

BUG? - I OPEN IT AND GET A BLACK SCREEN, THATS IT - May 26, 2001 by Johnny No Name