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Liquidtrixx v2



You might like this. 3d visual, you need a good 3d card (nvidia cards are better since it's with openGL).
check out the readme file for the commands (like beat detection and more... )
I'm not working anymore on liquidtrixx, but i will try to put all the other versions on my site asap. visit me at

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July 28, 2005 by mehdi hambli170343 downloads

Liquidtrixx v2 - Enjoy

Staff review

Running on a GF4 card, this runs at a decent 60fps. The effects aren't too bad but there doesn't seem to be a way to alter/create new ones which does go against this compared to other vis plugins out there now. The support for the Winamp 5.x skinned frame and related integration was noticeable when running this.


its cool - im running at 1440x900 65 fps w/ Ati radeon 9800 and its nice i wouldnt run it with a nvidia unless you want your computer to lock up cuz there junk but nice plugin. - April 27, 2008 by steve smolinski

Ehhh - Only plays in FULL SCREEN mode.I uninstalled it right away. I like the smaller visualizers. - November 30, 2007 by Barry `Stulberger

Decent fullscreen 40fps at 1920x1440 - Thanks to an NV40 processor, I am getting a "decent" 37 fps detailed animation at 1920x1440x32, albeit "open-gl" tin-canned look, the fastest I have seen to date. At lower res, I get 70ish fps. I would love to see the direct-x version with shaders though, that should kick some llama. - August 7, 2005 by Hans Schulze