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Liquid-Fire AVS

Here are 24 cool AVS-Presets for you...

Here are 24 cool AVS-Presets for you...

OK, Liquid Fire AVS is my biggest Collection and (I think) my best. These presets are pretty fine, so check it out!(Now finally with Pimp-Installer ;)

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August 6, 2001 by Be. Kay3711 downloads

Liquid-Fire AVS - Here are 24 cool AVS-Presets for you...

Staff review

Quality visuals here

Definitely worth checking out... nice variety here. Great color combinations and pattern layering. Good stuff.


GOOD!! - Hmmm.. pretty impressive AVS Pack.. I like it! Mail me if you wanna have my pack via mail. (like 50kb / a dozen presets or something like that) my mail; [email protected] - June 28, 2002 by Patric Liljedahl

Don?t be mad - Well, no review mean people is cool about your stuff. I create some good skin, but with stupid critics (IFR 500A) or coments from people with a high contrast/low bright monitors (New Marmol Verde). - June 19, 2002 by Dario Badagnani

not bad..... - Theres some nice presets here... !!!! I like very much the Speed Tunnel... !!! Keep the GOOD WORK... ! - September 25, 2001 by helio teixeira

good ones - not bad at all - August 14, 2001 by yehudi gonz

I'm frustrated.... - ...because nobody rate my Presets... I don't want a good rating, I only want ONE rating from another person then me :( I give my Liquid-Fire 4 Stars, because I know outthere are better presets then mine, but my presets are not bad, are they??! - August 9, 2001 by Be. Kay