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LCDisplayer v1.1

LCDisplayer v1.1 - Display various information on an LCD panel

Displays all kinds of information about the file Winamp is playing (title, track time, bit rate, sample rate, etc.) on an LCD panel (with an HD44780 compatible controller) connected to a parallel port. Will only work on Win95 and Win98. The display is fully configurable and has the option for a spectrum analyzer (logarithmic or linear) or oscilliscope visual display. There is an LCD simulation window mode so no LCD is needed when trying out configurations.

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January 10, 2005 by Mike Lynch170297 downloads

LCDisplayer - LCDisplayer v1.1 - Display various information on an LCD panel

Staff review

Niftly little plugin to send Winamp info to an external LCD display (requires Win95 or Win98)

Allows you to display current Winamp track information on an LCD screen. You'll need an older OS for this to work tho (Win95 or 98). Also gives you a Windows preview simulation of what the LCD screen will look like.


absolutely love this thing - When I've got this running, I end up ignoring Winamp proper; I wanted a minimal skin and none of them had what I wanted... they were all too stylized. I've got this plugin customized with everything I ever wanted in a skin, and it's more visually lightweight and readable than any other Winamp skin I tried. Well done!! - March 24, 2007 by Doug Scofield

Good plugin - I love the screen shot. Frank Zappa's Muffin Man. Excellent choice - August 4, 2006 by raul torres

The best vis plug-in ever!!!!! - I ( think) i tuned it. - December 19, 2005 by Rodrigo Barreda

Cool - Wiered and unique - August 23, 2005 by Roshan Menezes

LCDisplayer - This plug-in is bad ass.. im running winamp 5.0 with dee3 plugin on a windows xp sp2 based machine with all udates and it works great....5 stars people - March 30, 2005 by nathan boone

Bitchin' - Not having an LCD display thingy, i think that rocks at that size!!!!!! - February 11, 2005 by Joseph Ruggiero