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November 8, 2000 by Mike Barnes247883 downloads

lavalava - lavalava

Staff review

Lava on the brain

yummy, a 3d dancing robot.You're going to need lava (, and you're going to need directx 7. Once you get that, you're ready to go. way cool effect. I've never seen 3d trees dance like that! The road effect is a great 'Lost Highway' vis. An extra bonus....If you don't like the chosen textures, you can swap them out to something you want.


TOPPER - told where to install but its not there what a waste of time? - July 2, 2002 by TOM TOPP

This plu-in should be PLUGGED OUT!!! - This plug-in is very poor and repetitive. Why don?t you try to make something more original???? - July 16, 2001 by Louis Stallinger

WOW - This is a truly artistic plug-in....Congrats on a very unique and artisitic piece of work... If you guys don't try this then your loss....spectacular!!!!!!! - April 16, 2001 by Karen Adair

Lava - Espetacular !!!!!! - April 14, 2001 by Fabricio Santos

Lava Lava - This plug-in looks really good, and I can't wait to test it! I can't believe that I am the first person to write a review for this plug-in!!!!! Enjoy!!!!! - April 12, 2001 by Rob Scull