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a frequency to color preset

a frequency to color preset

Version: 2.09

Created by Test Tube Tony 9/11/2005

This preset will color its self by frequencies in music. Electronic music seems to work the best.

I spent about 36 hours writing and tweaking my color equations. I must give credit to the people at nullsoft for the basic shape of the scope, although I did modify it a bit. My computer is a bit slow, so I don't know how it will look on faster machines. For full screen mode, use pixel doubling. Also, use standard beat detection for a better effect.
In response to the staff review, It wasn't for nothing. This was something i could build on.

Download visualization

September 13, 2005 by tony norris17526 downloads

Laser-Show_2-09 - a frequency to color preset

Staff review

Well, 36 hours spent for almost nothing.

The color changing does work, but the preset is still nothing special, ugly even. If I have to choose between a monochromatic preset that looks good and a multichromatic preset that looks bad, I'll always go for the mono preset. Sorry, but I feel those 36 hours should've been spent on something else, like making a good background for the scope. Oh, and do publish packs next time, not single presets. It's great that you're willing to spend so much time on avs. In time it'll all come to its place if you try hard enough. In response to the resubmission: Don't resubmit stuff that hasn't been changed at all.


ouch... - My reason for creating this preset was to come up with something that could turn music into a whole range of colors, so people could see it and hear it. Sure squiggly lines with swirls are fun to look at, but most of the time I feel like something is missing. The colors hardly ever match the feeling of the song. Keep in mind also that I barely passed algebra 1. Math just isn?t my thing. I do hope to learn more about the superscope though, so that I can make more extravagant presets with better effects, but first I need a faster computer. I have an athlon xp 2600+ and it?s still a little bit sluggish. That?s why I kept this one simple. For those of you who like this little preset, good for you, and if you don't, no one says you have to keep it lol. I give my self a 3 because I know I can do better, but I feel it was time well spent. - September 15, 2005 by tony norris

Keep it up - Dude, totally keep it up. I know that a bad review can be hard to take, but the more you work on this type of thing, the more you will learn, and eventually you could be among the best. Don't let one bad review get you down, just learn from it, and keep on trying. Good effort dude. I gave you 4 stars because you put a lot of work into this. - September 14, 2005 by Stephen Steiner