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my 4th pack contain 13 presets including intro and outro. fasten your seatbelts! (and any other commonplace sentences here)

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December 30, 2009 by David micro.D7044 downloads

krypton - pck4

Staff review

Very original work!

This pack has a lot of different styles but a lot of presets have a raw feeling to it. For most presets here, this really works out well. (Birth of Star Trek)I really like Imperial Ship collision too, but it might not be for everybody. (very original and daring) Also check out Led and Raw Structure. Especially the last one is very stylish!


contains some of the biggest presets in a long time, you need this! - January 28, 2010 by A Guy called Yathosho

Download link is broken! Could the link be fixed. - January 12, 2010 by Music Demon