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My first AVS presets

My first AVS presets

These are the best of the first AVS presets I made

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January 4, 2002 by Koen Rutten7589 downloads

kRAVs - My first AVS presets

Staff review

Very original presets

This collection is definitely worth checking out... very different styles here. Some of them could use a little more attention to color...but, other than that, these are interesting visuals.


Wow - I really like 'desintregating planet', i can look for houres at it... - January 11, 2002 by Koen Rutten

Good stuff - I really have to say that you really can handle Superscopes. Very good pack but you could throw couple presets away. - January 9, 2002 by Janne Kayhko

Very Good - These are very good, original presets. I especially like water clock and fire dance - January 6, 2002 by Coll Dawg

Cool - Prett cool for only 45k! - January 5, 2002 by Teodorescu Mircea