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The fourth installment of avs presets. Hopefully much better than previous!

The fourth installment of avs presets. Hopefully much better than previous!

Alright. FINALLY got that Installer Fixed. I've uploaded two different fixes for it and Winamp still links to the old installer. Hopefully that'll change when I re-upload this time. Thank you for the advice. All I can say is that next time I hope you aren't so quick to judge because I'm using a compiler I'm not used to.

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October 23, 2008 by Justin Williams72566 downloads

KoqlbMusic-Four - The fourth installment of avs presets. Hopefully much better than previous!

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AVS Presets for everyone.

This AVS pack shouldn't be missing in your AVS collection. Lots of different and cool stuff! Thx


poor in all aspects - why was this piece of crap featured in the first place? these are as rubbish as those that came with winamp back in 2001. boo! - December 19, 2008 by Lali V��n�nen

noobish - i downloaded the pack to see the preset shown on the picture (top, left). unless the screenshot caught a moment of one preset, the preset is not in the pack. the presets are super-noobish, nothing special at all, but i'm glad your friends rated up the pack for you. the only half-decent preset was the one labeled a tuggummi remix - but in fact you're giving a wrong impression here as YOU remixed tuggummi (not vice versa). - December 5, 2008 by PAN AM

Okay, so I had some issues with the - Compiler... Forgive me... I'm a C programmer, and I used the Pimpbot for the first time. That is NOW FINALLy fixed... I'm sorry that you had problems with it but I'm glad you got it straightened out. Second. I appreciate the message about the installer, but next time Try rating this pack for what it artwise... NOT for what it is based on a program. I normally wouldn't ever give myself a 5, but because you rated the pack so low despite Winamp's overall opinion... I had to fix the rating. - December 4, 2008 by Justin Williams

I was iffy when I saw the comments - But I'm glad you got the installer working correctly. And all I can say is WOW. I've seen some original stuff on Winamp, whether it's simply plugins, avs presets, etc. And I've seen a lot of original things done in AVS, but not like yours. All of your presets in this pack have a certain... fluidity about them. I'm using this at all my parties!!! - December 4, 2008 by Albert Rollins

Installation makes a complete mess. - The installer seems to have a bug. It seems to detect your Winamp directory properly, but has a serious bug which makes it create folders in your \program files\winamp\plugins\avs directory.Eg: After installation, you'll see the following:C:\program files\winamp\plugins\avs\program files\winamp\plugins\avs\koqlbmusicAt this point you need to move files around, chiefly copy the second avs directory into the first one.Such a bug is unforgivable. It makes the plugin useless.AUTHOR: PLEASE FIX YOUR INSTALLER!NULLSOFT: Why in the world feature this non-working plugin?! - November 14, 2008 by Dave Lee

no so great - first of all, the installer doesn't even detect the correct winamp directory, the installation was a total mess! why don't you just use pimpbot to create an installer, like everybody else? the presets aren't anything special, just random effects. if you're serious about avs, you should have a look at the many tutorials on - October 31, 2008 by les Noobiens