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Avs Pack

Avs Pack Simply

My first avs pack. Try it on low res (around 250/200)

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January 1, 2007 by Jakub Michalski9008 downloads

JM - Avs Pack - Avs Pack Simply

Staff review

A pack of very uneven quality.

The author shows quite a lot of promise here, and, as many first pack often seem to be, this contains both "newer", more advanced and more interesting presets and "older", typical newbie presets. Some manner of balance is achieved, and this doesn't come out all that bad in the end. There is room for improvement in just about every segment, and I really hope that the subsequent releases of this AVSer will show that. Too many presets, for example, are terribly slow and unoptimized... 3.25-


oi - Takes you a while guys to publish them. But at least you take care. Thanks for feedback. - February 6, 2007 by Jakub Michalski