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jiggly cubes v1

physically simulated winamp visualizer

physically simulated winamp visualizer

jiggly cubes bounce around to the music. this vis is based on some spring-mass system physical simulation work i did last winter. it's not going to blow your socks off looking at it, but i think it's pretty cool. ;-P for more information about how it works check out

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May 28, 2002 by robert rose35171 downloads

jiggly cubes v1 - physically simulated winamp visualizer

Staff review

Dancing gelatonous cubes

This is a nifty visual plugin ... as the author states, it probably won't blow your socks off, but, it is definitely worth checking out. Very colorful and rhythmic cubes get down to the music... great beat response and overall design. Solid visual. It would be nice to see some configuration options in the future.


Pleasant and amusing - Nice colors- keeps perfect sync with the music- Even my 1 year old likes it!!! - July 9, 2004 by T K

ss - ssaafdfsgdrtrt - October 25, 2002 by 111 111

very cool - I suppose I may be a little biased, but this is one of the coolest plugins in the world. - June 19, 2002 by robert rose