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Jheriko AVS Pack 9

My ninth AVS pack!

My ninth AVS pack!

Pack 9 is smaller than the previous collections, but more intense. Each preset is a veritable masterpiece of 3-dimensional art... or something like that. Enjoy!

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June 22, 2006 by Semi Essessi21914 downloads

Jheriko AVS Pack 9 - My ninth AVS pack!

Staff review

Another great Jheriko pack.

Technically, this is just brilliant. Visually, well, it could be better. The presets that are the heaviest on tech, seem to be the ugliest too. There are exceptions of course, like the Jheriko/UnConeD collaboration "VJ Chmutov", which might be one of the best five presets ever. It's not that the presets are ugly per se, it's just that their colour schemes could've been way better. All in all, this is a must download, and without a doubt one of the most fascinating packs ever.