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JC7 TheSinCityBrainClumps

JaY Collection 7

JaY Collection 7

Finally finished this.I hope you like it.Don't worry about the size-i promice ya won't be very disappointed when you see it.Check the readme for more info.

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January 15, 2002 by JaY FaTBoY22473 downloads

JC7 TheSinCityBrainClumps - JaY Collection 7

Staff review

Very tight collection...worth checking out

This is definitely one for the download.... smooth styles and quality visuals throughout. Very hypnotic for the most part. 'Netsome' is extremely flavorful. Fairly large collection too. Good stuff.


Very cool - These are very cool, especially Starburst- the best I have seen so far - April 5, 2002 by Robert Chappell

Keep On Rolling! - I have all the seven Jay Fatboy's packs.Each one is better than the other, but with these presets, you reached the sky. - March 27, 2002 by reynaldo paes

Info for Mr. Malbert - Ok, now first of all as far as i know change of speed can only reflect superscopes.I have no idea (well i had but it didn't work) how to make it with a dinamic movement.I also have never seen a DM that reacts to the speed of music.And i don't think you are saying that my presets have bad beat detection,because in most of them (where it was needed) it is on it's best level,and the faster the music (the more beats) the more responcive the preset is.If mr. Malbert has any clue on what he exactly wants,please feel free to share it with us.BTW few of those presets really didn't react to music in their movement (they react in the power of colours), but if you try adding BD you will see that they look better without it.I cannot say this without rating sorry. - January 18, 2002 by JaY FaTBoY

Eyecatching but more demos than presets - Ok, these presets are _really_ amazing and absolutely great designed and eyecatching, but most of them are rather selfrunning demos than real avs-presets. it's unimportant how fast or slow the music is - most of the presets have the same speed each time they're loaded. this sucks and this is the reason why i only gave 3 stars to it. :( - January 17, 2002 by Stephan Malbert

Cause it deserves them - Well, just take a look at it - isn't it the best thing you've seen around. :) - January 17, 2002 by Borislav Gerassimov

These rox !! - Some of the presets were really really super extra excellent!! And there werent any bad ones!! Only good presets! Lot of very good DM's and stuff! DL right away !! - January 17, 2002 by AvSM (Antti Ahokas)

The Heroes Are Back! - Today is a great day for us who love the art of those crazy kids. After Tonic, another legend of Avs art is back. Yes, I'm talking about Mr. JaY FaTBoy, with his JC 7. I'm just an avs admire (and how!), so i can't talk in the "mathematical" way, but my mind and my eyes went high tonight. Thanks for these magic moments. The Heroes are back! - January 16, 2002 by joaquim jardim

So, you still got the same problem as I do - Well, that's just mean cause only the guys who are looking for this pack can dl it (okay, it's ALMOST in the new plugins sections 1st page but anyway). I think that your peace of art deserves 5 starts cause I really like it - January 16, 2002 by Janne Kayhko