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Jaws Visualization Plugin

by Thomas Albrecht, Christan Arendt and Niklas Deutschmann

by Thomas Albrecht, Christan Arendt and Niklas Deutschmann

3D OpenGL visualization plugin.On a surface with constantly changing colors, waves are set off from several points, whenever a loud sound in the corresponding part of the spectrum is detected.Various configuration options, like resolution of the surface, position and number of the wave origins, solid or wireframe surface, wave-height, -length, and -speed, etc.Uses Qt for window creation. Distributed under LGPL.! Also available for Xmms und Linux !Mostly tested with HipHop music.Now with improved music reaction.

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August 30, 2001 by Thomas Albrecht121632 downloads

Jaws Visualization Plugin - by Thomas Albrecht, Christan Arendt and Niklas Deutschmann

Staff review

Neat wavepool plug-in

This is like a psychadelic version of a physics lab experiment.... good amount of configuration available while plug-in is running so you can alter the parameters and see immediate effects.


SUCKS! - BAH!This is the worst plugin ever made!If i made this i would hate my self and the author should hate him self 2.Water animation is ok but that isnt all that makes a plugin you need more than that.And next time you decide to embarrass youre self try using some more colors and shit. Take example from tripex and A.V.S. - June 28, 2002 by Tim Goudge

POOH - man...this sucks it has 2 colors and 2 frames of total animation...and it "tries" to use the overused water drop animation. presonaly i would probably hate myself if i made this . - December 23, 2001 by orion smith

Magnifique - Very nice plugin. Nice Reflection off the surface. - November 7, 2001 by Fran�ois Noblet

Spaced out - Cool 3D graphics. - November 3, 2001 by John Simpson

YEAH KICK SOME ASS - it's so cool like that one time my friend took me down in his basement and gave me a funny cigarette - October 30, 2001 by Jameson Neisler

This SUCKS!!! - I won't even give it 1 star because it has bad color, stays on one screen the whole time, and all it is, is a platfrom with a picture on it. I can't believe anyone would like this! - October 20, 2001 by Leif Heflin

do the wave - fun customization. nice color changes - October 6, 2001 by Chris Young

Absolutely mind-blowing! - Look at these colors and waves... - October 1, 2001 by Horst Zawanitzky

woh!!! - I just can say"good" - September 5, 2001 by jackhen boon

Off the mutherf*cking hook! - Check the superposition of the waves and the wireframe mode! - August 24, 2001 by Thomas Albrecht

Oh so sweet!! - This is so tight! - August 17, 2001 by Sean Contreras