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Release 1

Release 1

Allready the third pack in the series. Getting better all the time..

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November 8, 2001 by jDm (janzku Da masta)4453 downloads

JanzkuAVSPack3 - Release 1

Staff review

Very nice AVS pack

This one has some tastey visuals indeed.... definitely worth checking out. Quality all around. 'retro style' is a nifty one... pretty much all presets are flavorful.


Giving ya some - Well haven't seen interesting presets for some time on this site.You have some stile,man,and i would love to see your future work.You still have a lot of room to improve,but i will be WATCHING YOU ;)BTW,thanx for mentionin' me in one of your presets :)Wait for the next JC soon :) - November 14, 2001 by JaY FaTBoY

Nice work! - Very excellent work from ya!! keep it up Finnish guy... - November 9, 2001 by AvSM (Antti Ahokas)