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Colors, remixes, illusions, and EVIL just joking

Colors, remixes, illusions, and EVIL just joking

Experienced with some new effects, and that i did some fairly good remixes...or at first, they may look a litle too alike the originals, usually i have made a color remix and changed some other effects...i hope these arent as nooby as last time...

PS, I am aware that the intro dosent work properly, because of the AVI files, i may redo this intro, but i cant garantee anythnig...

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May 20, 2006 by Sandar Kleven3766 downloads

Illusion - Colors, remixes, illusions, and EVIL just joking

Staff review

Oh dear...

Wonder why this pack is so big ? Because it has 7MB of AVIs in it. For the intro. Which is abysmal with or without them. Man, if you're aware that it doesn't "work properly" because of the AVIs why on earth did you include them ? The self extractor is there again, and the files needed are extracted in the directory with the presets, not the AVS root. Brilliant. The pack contains of bad newbie presets the author made, and some (usually botched) remixes of some well known presets. Now, two of those presets actually look ok, but the remixes do nothing to improve the presets that were mixed. Concentrate your efforts on improving your own presets, and try not to repeat the mistakes you make. A generous 2.5.