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iJenAPE 2.0

Motion Capture APE and Presets for AVS

Motion Capture APE and Presets for AVS

Motion Capture APE for AVS.
iJen-APE is an implementation of our Motion Tracking library "iJen", embedded directly inside an APE file. It uses a WebCam to watch your movements and draws them inside AVS! Also included: a collection of presets using iJen-APE.

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January 27, 2004 by SYFi Ltd.124539 downloads

iJenAPE 2.0 - Motion Capture APE and Presets for AVS

Staff review

AVS motion capture... you'll need a webcam with RGB support

iJen is an APE file that allows you to use your webcam for motion capture inside AVS. The readme file details all the webcam specifications you'll need for iJen to work properly. Comes with a large amount of presets that nicely demonstrate with iJen is capable of. Excellent for projections at live shows and clubs.


Too Much LOGO - It's one thing to be proud of your logo and your work, but this pak is just advertising.... - June 1, 2005 by Scot Schultz

RE Doesn't show in my plugins list - Hi Frank, You could have email us, anyway the plugin works with the winamp advanced visualization studio. start the avs plug-in go to the AVS editor and look under render ape, you should see our plug-in. Regards SYFi - March 23, 2005 by SYFi Ltd.

Doesn't show in my plugins list - I have tried this and IrisApe too, neither one seems to actually put itself in my "choose visualiazation" options. Is there something I'm missing? - March 23, 2005 by frank jaworski

Works on EyeToy - This plugin is sick! Wish you were one of those stars at them 80's music video's? Well, there's your chance. Uses technology that is almost similar to Playstation2's EyeToy: Play game, which is kinda cool. - July 25, 2004 by Marc Sola

Aother winamp crasher!? - wha!... This is probably great for bored w/i-cam geeks.BUT, avoid the included ,"presets", as running them will usually crash Winamp. What am I running it on, you might say? Just a lil' old generic build Athlon 64 3200+XP, Gigabyte/MSI(nVidia) chipset and graphics package, and the 1.5 gigs of RAM helps. Of course occaisionally I do run into problems with low-end software and stuff not friendly with nVidia or Athlon,(these folks are either in denial, or very,very bitter). I play my viz package for clubs/parties,and I test every one on my Sony Grand Wega 60" LCD Moniter through a DVI feed out of the MSI card. You should work on the presets, because I like them, and give credit in all of my displays. Basicaly they're attractive, but will not switch next/prev or randomly,(mostly in fullscreen, but not exclusively),and this is critical in my useage. If the cam functions are as good as the reviews,you are in good company. Keep up the good work! - March 25, 2004 by Robert Buchholtz

Videostar - Become the star of your own video. Great combination of beat detection and motion capture! - January 27, 2004 by Jeroen van_Omme