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Hopeless Worlds 136 Festival Edition

For all who like random playing of AVS-presets.

For all who like random playing of AVS-presets.

Large pack of very unique and very various presets. Creative design and speed optimization. Check the result!

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October 25, 2000 by TroubleShooter (Anton Oleynic)95304 downloads

Hopeless Worlds 136 Festival Edition - For all who like random playing of AVS-presets.

Staff review

Quantity and Quality

A large large amount of presets.... a plethora of presets... a plethora of quality presets.... sound good? It looks good too... AVS fans should grab this now. One of the largest and tightest preset collections out there. -dg


Stupid! - Well, it took some time but an idiot appeared to downrate this masterpiece from Trouble Shooter. He can't understand that this wonderful pack was created almost TWO YEARS AGO, when only the talent counted, and there wasn't all these 3d techiniques. A pity. - May 8, 2002 by tais jardim

Genius - U are a genius . As soon as i got it, I was suprised. There are sooooooooooo many visuals to choose from. This is great. Whoever likes visualizations for winamp needs this. U'll fall in love with it. Make more guy. U have my respect forever !!!!!! - April 10, 2002 by Damian Brac

Stupid, horrible, messy, untalented... - Can you help me think of anything else this package is not? - April 6, 2002 by Nathan Kelmers

A Classic Pack On The Top! - One more classic pack, released in October 2000. It's a pleasure to see it back on the TOP!!! (until another amateur idiot (who'll be this time?) downrate it, wanna bet? Now El-vis is in a great company! Anton, where are you?????? - April 2, 2002 by reynaldo paes

Good Times - Relesead in October 2000, this pack is still amazing. It's a pity that we don't see TroubleShooter for a long time now. Come on man, come back to us! - January 14, 2002 by joaquim jardim

Incredible selection! - This is a really great plug-in! Hats off to Mr. Oleynic for creating such a wonderful skin pack. They are all truly beautiful, and well worth the download. If you can't find them, they're in the Advanced Visualisation studio. - October 6, 2001 by Thor Rudebeck