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Democratic Evolution AVS

This is my newest pack, filled with 25 awesome presets. Using new Apes writen by Unconed, there is an experience waiting to be viewed. ~Horse-Fly

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May 8, 2002 by Horse-Fly (Alonso Cordova)29392 downloads

HF - VIII - Democratic Evolution - Democratic Evolution AVS

Staff review

Worthwhile download...solid presets

This is a solid collection... definitely worth checking out. Smooth styles and renderings.... good usage of color, flow, and depth. 'Catalyst' and 'Warped Gold' both stood out in my opinion... very nice layering.


beautiful - absolutely beautiful - September 3, 2002 by Lizzy Hogan

Wow. - Wow. Very nicely done. Wow. Goes perfect with my current play-list. - May 30, 2002 by Ben Wallace

w00t only 4 stars - No no, 4 stars=out of the question. This should at least worth of 4,5 stars. There are couple nifty presets but most of them are superb. Keep up the good work!! - May 9, 2002 by Team Finnish flash

Perfect Forever! - Yes, dad, this is not fair. What does the staff want more? Presets like Eye Am, Symphony, Catalyst, Static Collage, etc..., are among the most beautiful ever created by any avs artist. I think that even 5 stars don't express all the beauty this pack brings. Be sure, Horse-Fly, this is a Perfect Forever masterpiece! - May 9, 2002 by reynaldo paes

Come On! - Here it is! HF-VIII, how i like it! The style of the Master is unique and perfect. Eye Am is my favorite! Joaquim is right, now Democratic Evolution it's in the place it deserves! - May 9, 2002 by beth matos

Help Me Understand! - Well, everybody knows how I go crazy when some stupid guy come here and downrate the Masters' works. Now, I'm gonna fight with the staff. If you think Horse-Fly's newest masterpiece deserves "only" four stars, at least, please let us know why. What's wrong, what's missing? You say one thing at your review and then rate it like that? But, one more time, you'll see what the public will say. Shame on you, staff! - May 8, 2002 by joaquim jardim