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Project Eternity

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There was a problem before with downloading, but i hope it works this time. I changed some of the presets around, deleteing some of the crappier presets from this collection and replacing them with newer, stylish presets. I think the overall quality is much better.~Horse-Fly

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November 6, 2001 by Horse-Fly (Alonso Cordova)15768 downloads

HF - Project Eternity - New AVS added...

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Quality AVS collection from Horse Fly

This is definitely one to download... some really original styles here. Quality all around...well worth checking out.


Project Help The Blinds - What's hapenning with you? Didn't you see it? Here's is the more recent state of art from Horse Fly and I just can't believe what my eyes are telling me, only 1550 downloads!? Where are all the avs fanatics? The newest pack from the Master was realesead a little more than 2 months. Come on fellows, you gotta it download it right now. Sweet dreams with "HF - Project Eternity". Are you all blind? - January 13, 2002 by joaquim jardim

Wooooww!!! - Superb!! - November 8, 2001 by r kuijsters

5* - Presets from highest quality,deserving far more appreciation. - November 8, 2001 by JaY FaTBoY