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HF Compilation 3rd Eye

A Horse-Fly presentation.

A Horse-Fly presentation.

Here it is. This is my third collection of 25 super cool presets, but my first upload to Download these and you won't regret the half second you spent on the download. If you like these presets, I bring out my first two collections.~Horse-Fly (Alonso Cordova)

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April 11, 2001 by Horse-Fly (Alonso Cordova)33545 downloads

HF Compilation 3rd Eye - A Horse-Fly presentation.

Staff review

AVS presets worth downloading

This is a very quality collection indeed. Good amount of variety from preset to preset...all worth gawking at. These have a nice feeling of depth to them... keeps things visually interesting longer than most presets do. The 'welcome to the fall' preset looks amazing... good stuff. -dg


yaa - great collection...HF!I really like your work here.trully a masterpiece - May 5, 2001 by JaY FaTBoY

Favorite AVS - this must be my favorite avs! :) - May 4, 2001 by Paul Harse

Awesome Stuuf. - Blind shift is the bomb. - May 4, 2001 by Joe Gohert

Perfection! - These are some of the best avs presets that I have seen. My favorite is Buffalo Shift. - May 4, 2001 by Bill Walters

This deserves five stars - this is great work, am i right? - May 3, 2001 by Sam Kinney

Man amazing - Yeah defenitly cool!!!! - April 22, 2001 by Dan Cooper

I like the pretty lights - Nice and chilled eye candy, Check it out - April 15, 2001 by Zen-X (Liam McLaughlin)

BIg cooler - I see many cool presets here :-] - April 12, 2001 by Tonic (Yordan Vulchev)

^_^ - how cool!! good job ~~ - April 12, 2001 by Ting Huang

Yea Man - you have style man - April 12, 2001 by Marco E. Muraca