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Herold's AVS presets for expanded scrolling voice-print features

Herold's AVS presets for expanded scrolling voice-print features

Key Features:
* Scrolling Voice-Print, frequency and note based.
* Stereo 'Scope and Spectrums
* Combinations of above.

Dissatisfaction with the limited options with the built-in scrolling voice-print combined with boredom and a general experimental nature created and developed these .avs presets.

The two features missing in the built-in voice-print were 1) Scrolling voiceprint with a spectrum, and a log-based (musical note based) spectrum (how we hear) rather than the frequency based.

Download visualization

January 29, 2006 by Herold F14141 downloads

Heroldry - Herold's AVS presets for expanded scrolling voice-print features

Staff review


... but probably done before and done better. The vp is nice in a way, but most people will find it boring, and the rest of the "main" preset is all too simple and boring. As a pack it just doesn't work.


hrm - It is bad form to rate your own pack with 5 stars twice. If you want feedback about your preset post it in the forums ( As for the presets themselves, firstly you do not need to include all of the building blocks that went into a preset, especially when they are really basic effect lists with Render/Simple's and the like. The concept is also fairly simple, it is just spectrums and osciloscopes, similar presets have been done before. AVS is fairly powerful and if you learn the language you will see that you can actually do some much more interesting things with it. I know this is probably your first stab at AVS so I'm not trying to dump on it too much, but keep at it, this stuff is only scratching the surface. - February 4, 2006 by PAK 9

I thought it was a good pack :( - Yeah, I thought it worth to download a 4 stars pack. Lol, it was rate by it's author.. Anyway, this pack kinda boring.. not just boring but nonsense.. should be more improvements! Work hard! - February 4, 2006 by Jay Ridzuan

just plain boring - 1. this "pack" contains only of simple audio analyzing "presets" which are even too boring for analyzer junkies. 2. the "installer" is just a zip extractor exe without winamp folder detection. for making installer theres a tool called pimpbot which should have been used. 3. the author also rated his pack twice with 5 stars and THAT just isnt fair. - February 4, 2006 by Daniel Muller