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Visual Plugin with two modules (NEW VERSION)

Visual Plugin with two modules (NEW VERSION)

This plugin has two modules. "Waveform Slider" : You will see a waveform whichtries to interpolate to the next position of the sampled data.It looks psychedelic. "Message for the Universe" : This shows a little satelite flight trough the galaxy.The answer is out there...

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April 20, 2001 by Andreas A.79860 downloads

Gordon Plugs - Visual Plugin with two modules (NEW VERSION)

Staff review

This one (and Message for the Universe in particular) rules.

It's not ultra-trippy, but it's really fun to watch. The Message for the Universe was a little cooler in my opinion.


Error Message? - Great plug, but the first time I ran it I got a graphics error with grammatical mistakes in it. I fixed the error, but maybe the author needs to go back to English class? - February 5, 2002 by Glenn Osborne

not bad - needs more vis/presets - August 16, 2001 by Anthony Tang

Exciting plug - fun graphics but a little too tame. - July 3, 2001 by Jim Mathis

Taylor is God - kewlplugin, great graphics for a newbie. - May 8, 2001 by fickey fack