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Gonzalo AVS Again

The fourth one, hope you like it.

The fourth one, hope you like it.

Using AVS as an expression of art.Comments or suggestions:[email protected]

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June 3, 2002 by Gonzalo Munoz3918 downloads

Gonzalo AVS Again - The fourth one, hope you like it.

Staff review

Quality collection... nice original styles

This is definitely worth checking out... all presets are well done and have a very unique flavor to them. Insightful comments and descriptions are included to help you along your way to understanding the techniques used.


DM sucks! - Finally some avs artists are discovering that DM and all the 3d stuff are not the "heart" of the presets, like the ones you have here. This kind of techinique only really works when it is created by a few top artists. Ernst and Fabry are an example how the "old school" still can bring us top presets. Keep on the good work, man! - June 7, 2002 by joaquim jardim

Old School ruulz :)! - I thought that doing presets like this without Dynamic Movements and everything would be impossible, but it seems that I was wrong :) - June 4, 2002 by ilari ritakallio