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Geiss 2

A geiss-like plugin. Oh wait...

A geiss-like plugin. Oh wait...

'Geiss' is back, with higher resolutions, smooth blends, full multimon support, new movements and palettes, 'mouse steering' (hit INSERT), and even DESKTOP MODE. And now it dynamically stitches together many chunks of pre-tuned assembly code for the main loop, to find the fastest code for your machine.

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July 7, 2003 by Ryan Geiss516188 downloads

Geiss 2 - A geiss-like plugin. Oh wait...

Staff review

Geiss returns to take control of your eyes

Geiss has always been one of the all time most popular visual plugins for Winamp, probably the quickest and most effective means of hypnotizing yourself for free. Geiss 2 imrpoves on the original, with many more movements and effects along with higher resolutions and smoother blendings. Excellent configuration menu, both in-plugin (click F1 for the full list of options) and out. Definitely download this if you are a fan of visuals.


If it's Geiss, it's GOTTA be good! =D - Giving it MERELY five stars is an insult. Seriously. When you look in the dictionary under "Eye Candy", it's got Geiss' name & c.v. listed. - December 7, 2006 by Shadow Systems

The best ! - Simple, the best of the bests ! Luiz Vaz - August 25, 2005 by Luiz Vaz

Geiss 2 - Simply put, this is the best. I have enjoyed Geiss, Ryan's early work and again with Geiss 2 there is really nothing to compare it to. It's transcendently beautiful and synchronized to be alive with the music. Thank you Ryan Geiss. - August 19, 2005 by Craig Ranker

Makes you feel like your moving. - Pretty sweet! You seem to move from side to side or back and forth. Kinda trippy if you ask me! - June 15, 2005 by Ken Erp

I think I just tripped - Things that you should try in your lifetime: Geiss 2, running in 3D mode (using appropriate glasses) on a 10 foot screen. That was one of the most amazing experiences of my musical and technical life. The screen literally comes out to you, swirles and twists, distorts and procedes out to inifinity, rips apart and folds in half.... _wow_ If you do one thing before you die, make it good, but if you have more time, try Geiss in 3D on a big screen. JC - March 22, 2005 by Jared Young

!! - This is tons better Than the original, this is a perfect piece of art, only dumb ppl would like the original BeTtEr!!! - March 20, 2005 by Robert Macdonald

Ryan Rules - I was spoiled years ago by downloading his first version for Winamp 3. Nothing compares to his visualizations. You too will be spoiled. And, after tweaking the options while listening to your favorite tunes, you'll notice it's THE NEXT FREAKIN' DAY!!1!!!! - January 6, 2005 by RR Gray

Geiss is a genius - I went to high school with this guy, and he was making some crazy graphics even back then....... Some of the most amazing vizualizations I have ever seen came from this guy: Ryan, Keep it up! Mr Thomas' BASIC programming class my freshman year.....1995 - December 18, 2004 by Kevin Mathias

Nice - If it's got Ryan Geiss' name on it, it MUST be good... D/L now! - October 12, 2004 by Andrew Werden

Infernal plug'in! - The greatest plug-in ever; but what am I's not enough.. This plug-in is infernal!..Go 4 it! - June 29, 2004 by Joe V

Giess is a maniac! - Giess 2 is never the same, and is full of suprises. I suggest any music for this one as well... It LEARNS the mood.. I have been unable to this day find a more complete, and amazing plugin for Winamp. This is the fastest, and most responsive plugin I have ever seen. I upgraded my computer just to have the full benefits of this amazing visual. If you have a decient computer, and a decient graphics card, then this one is a MUST HAVE. - June 15, 2004 by ProperMethodz Magnano

great features - No one has said how cool desktop mode is, so let me be the first. Desktop mode is cool! Great plugin, thanks Geiss! - May 24, 2004 by B C

Sweet - Nice but not the best ive seen - December 13, 2003 by Stephen Jones

I luuuuuv geiss - many thanx to Ryan - September 30, 2003 by Rafael Blanes

pretty damn cool - only problem is my comp is too slow.... also the selections of visualisations would have been a lot cooler if i could edit it myself.... however its damn awesome in my opinion regardless - September 24, 2003 by Holden Caulfield

gimmie jet - this is not too bad but i found it a bit boring. i prefer jet even tho it is a tad simpler, it looks like ur gettin sucked in by ur pc!!! - August 10, 2003 by ann barker

meh - I have to say i was disappointed with geiss 2... its practically the same as giess 1, and, as cool as that was... its just getting a bit old now. There are much more trippy and hypnotising plugins out there - i.e. Jet. Jet is a damn sight faster too. Maybe if i had a multi-monitor set up i'd enjoy Giess 2 a bit more... but, as the title says: meh. - August 7, 2003 by me myself

not very new, I expected little more... - IMO Geiss2 doesn't bring very much that Geiss. Geiss2 doesn't support fullcolor mode and isn't so fast (Nebula2 is a LOOOOOOOOT faster) even if it is still fast enough. However I love the new beat detection effect, it is just fantastic ! - August 4, 2003 by Fan of Visual

Huh? - I think it would be great, but why I can only choose 256 color modes? Weird =o - July 15, 2003 by Sweet-O Dude

sweet - have to say the ONLY thing i didnt like about this was the 3 monitor support (which iguess not many plugins support anyway) i like going full screen on screen 3 (a 10' tall projected screen) and this program switches screen 2 to 256 colors (even though its not displaying on that screen) again - not many will have this problem - if you dont have a setup like me this is a must have - absolutely amazing visualizations - July 13, 2003 by Big Belfy

Definition of Visualization - Back in the day of mod's and s3m's, I loved to look at the waveforms and spectrum analyzers. When I first played mp3's I found the same love in the original Geiss. Geiss 2 has renewed that love, and this awesome piece of work should be the Definition of Visualization. Also, as a programmer (by hobby) I appreciate the speed of the graphics and the configurability, both are awesome. - July 7, 2003 by Arjen van der Veen