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Gazirana Voda i Hinin

Pure movement with changes of music intensity.

Pure movement with changes of music intensity.

I try to produce good looking, beat responding and innovative presets. And if you DL this pack you will see. But some of presets here have one more special feature they not only are cool and with good beat detection but react to every changes of music intensity and move as if they sense the emotion of the music and change to the softer beats and melodic voices not only to heavy beats.

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April 3, 2001 by Gazirana Voda (Vulchev Dancho)228154 downloads

Gazirana Voda i Hinin - Pure movement with changes of music intensity.

Staff review

Very impressive AVS collection

Some really innovative styles are presented here... definitely worth the download. The author has some very original work here... amazing pattern movement and flow... nice amount of diversity as well. Essential for any fan of AVS. -dg


:) - mozda i ne volim gazirano, ali ovo mi se svidja.... jako dobro...... jako.... - July 29, 2006 by Izabela Klopovic

Impressive but frantic - This pak is technically impressive with intricate and well colored patterns but most of it is too frenzied to go with any of my music. Makes we want to acquire a copy of Flight Of The Bumble Bee in double time. Otherwise some very nice work. - October 15, 2005 by Ray Evans

Legendo!!!! - A sta da ti kazem. Ovo zasluzuje peticu za naziv, peticu za savrsenstvo i desetku jer si jedan koji ovo razumije!!! - April 5, 2005 by Drazen Brkic

nedaj se - e kad sam vidio ovaj naziv stvarno... e nedaj se legendo a tko ovo ne razumije sta me briga evo tebi 5 strars - February 16, 2005 by neven hosko

Hmmmmm... - Gazirano ne zvuci lose, znas da moze i vise od ovoga.. - December 25, 2002 by nenah mikica

Bravo pi4 tova e got - Good AVS i am glad i downloaded it.Bulgarian AVS rules - July 1, 2002 by Oho boho

Who Are You? - I've been watching these top presets for almost one year now. But there's something you may don't know. Who's the author of this masterpiece? Have you ever see another work from him? It's not a mystery to me anymore, but I won't tell you! - February 23, 2002 by joaquim jardim

Looks Cool, but... - It does not install corectly on my computer. Running in WinXP and have several other visualizations that install fine. This one stops before end of install and asks whether you want to play Winamp with this as default visualization. If you select yes, the visualization plays, but the install window doesn't close. If you say no, it closes install window but does not show up in visualization menu. From what I've seen, it looks cool, but the install bug needs to be fixed. - January 1, 2002 by Dangerous Dan

Very good - dobar si vulchev dobar - June 26, 2001 by Josip Pu�kari�

Tha' Bomb - New- funky- Inovative -Download it now.. Peace - June 17, 2001 by Zen-X (Liam McLaughlin)

wow - i say again :wow, wow, wow(50x) - June 17, 2001 by nikola gozze

Hmmz - yep - June 15, 2001 by Petar Petrov

damn it you re the greatest - i love this one.Zalko 4e e pulno sas bukluci koito da se ebavat sus si4ko.dori s AVS! - June 15, 2001 by JaY FaTBoY

Smooth and sexy - Nice stuff. - June 14, 2001 by Sam Kinney

WTF - Who the hell do this and kick all cool AVS Albums from 5 stars section - June 14, 2001 by AVS Society

Damn - stunning effects here!!! - April 25, 2001 by Dan Cooper

Cool - I can't stop enjoyng it ;)) - April 16, 2001 by Alekkk Djebian

ciiii jebote - phreakin wild nd' awwwsum-much phresets - April 15, 2001 by kliul friul

Give it a big five - it's perfect! - April 12, 2001 by Ting Huang

great! - Very cool, I'm impressed! - April 6, 2001 by Masa Markoc (Stardust)

wonderfull - I like a vis that dosnt rely on alphy fading to handle any mistakes - April 5, 2001 by Jesse Miller

bravos - very nice visualization!!! - April 5, 2001 by George VVV

Hello - Sorry for the trouble. As I said Its COOL!!!!!!!!!!!! - April 5, 2001 by Denis Kozma

Coll - Interesting style.But why somone rate it with ZERO - April 4, 2001 by Tonic (Yordan Vulchev)

Pump up the volum - Jea this a cool work - April 4, 2001 by Marco E. Muraca

SPICE UP YOUR AVS - I love this collection. Cool visuals and great music detection. - April 4, 2001 by Frank Nagel