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fuego AVS by DaFeBa

The fire effect

The fire effect

After 2 month is ready here you go, enjoy it.New version: more files

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January 14, 2002 by Dario Badagnani24463 downloads

fuego AVS by DaFeBa - The fire effect

Staff review

Very nice preset featuring fire...update with more versions

Several variations on a theme in this pack. Great depiction of fire here... nice movement and color. Solid visual. Nice update with a good many more interpretations.


no review - i never rated this before as is being suggested, so i rate it 0 stars now. - January 24, 2006 by Jelk Kruk

pyro........hehe.......... - I've been trying to find something like this^-^ me like fire - March 26, 2002 by Jelk Kruk

Hot hot hot! - Very convincing effect, gives you a warm feeling, makes you hot under the colar. Put your monitor in the fireplace and set it alight! - October 24, 2001 by Alfred Das