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Focus IV

Featured AVS Preset, August 8, 2002.

Featured AVS Preset, August 8, 2002.

The fourth installation in the mindbending Focus series is here. In this pack you'll find mind-bending 3D superscopes, bump buffer fun, trippy colors, and much more. Definitely add this to your collection.

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September 18, 2003 by David Hansen95558 downloads

Focus IV - Featured AVS Preset, August 8, 2002.

Staff review

Refreshing visuals...definitely download these

Wow, this is an excellent addition to the Focus series. Tastey eye treats with the style level kept on high. Some very original presets here... nice foreground-window-revealing-background-pattern type stuff. Also, some cool looking rhythm based Vectrex (sp?) goodies; as well as some morphing and breathing liquid fractal action. There were a couple presets that didn't seem to fit in with the rest in terms of quality, but, this is an essential AVS download regardless. More than enough to keep you busy for a long time.


GREAT - -Very cOOl Pack :) - August 16, 2002 by Danny Golubking

Wow! - Man, this is one of the best! I like this makes an Ok AVS window look even better ;-) - August 8, 2002 by James Bond

Amazing - Anything from David Hansen is always garunteed amazement. The only thing more incredible than his visuals is his love for the art form. Focus IV shows us why. - August 4, 2002 by Nemo Orange

i must have a problem - There must be a problem... I have winamp 2.76 with avs 2.5 Windows XP. Lots of presets showed the same ugly white spectrum analyser, some showed nothing at all (blank screen). Finally winamp crashed. But I did come across 3 or 4 cool presets. Compatibility issues? - July 30, 2002 by rolf rolf

superstar - a classic plug-in - July 30, 2002 by M ^K

Graphics like nothing else... - Makes great use of Winamp's AVS. Incredible geometrical shapes/visualization makes this collection stand out as 1 of da Best - July 25, 2002 by Jonaed Zaman

Xcellent - Very incredible visuals all the way. Amazing stuff, and congrats from featured plug, this deserving - July 20, 2002 by Janne Kayhko

Nice one. - A couple in here aren't up to the high quailty of the rest of them but it is one toip pack. A big thumbs up.:) - Rovastar - July 19, 2002 by John Baker

Eye (&mind) Candy - This is a great collection. I hope to find the rest of your creations soon. DC - July 19, 2002 by Dave Corson

Super Pack! - David Hansen is back, now with his amazing Focus IV. One more perfect work. Only ultra-top presets! But the Winamp community won't have a chance to know Focus III? Hey David, you gotta release it here too! Thousand of fans are waiting! And congratulations for the comments from Master Tonic! - July 2, 2002 by reynaldo paes

My taste - This is my favourit pack for last months. It contain more inovative and interesting AVS then my second favourit El-Vis-X. Just need better beat reaction for some of effects. - June 30, 2002 by Tonic (Yordan Vulchev)

No words! - Nice words aren't enough to describe Hansen's fourth masterpiece. Just download it and be ready for a magical visual trip! - June 28, 2002 by joaquim jardim