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Focal Point 2 Softlight



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June 11, 2002 by Scott Button4996 downloads

Focal Point 2 Softlight - Shiny...

Staff review

Very nice presets here

Solid collection featuring some really entrancing presets... great pattern layering and movement combine to keep your eyes staring for long amounts of time.


Shiny, Mild, Entrancing presets... - Hmm, I wished I can give ya 3.5 stars... Entrancing presets, in some ways spectacular, and I think you need a bit more to learn bout dynamics (And of course, the works of AVS) Now, if I can rate again w/ a 4-star... then it'll be a 3.5 stars average =) - June 11, 2002 by Nic01 .

Like it! - Wow, i like it. Some very nice presets and i think you deserve the staff's 4 stars. - June 11, 2002 by beth matos