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Flashes is a visualization plug-in from Glass3D team

Flashes is a visualization plug-in from Glass3D team

Flashes is highly colored and very beautiful plug-in, which looks like sequence of flashes or colored rain on a glass window. It is very "light" for the CPU and has low hardware requirements. However, synchronized graphics leave you mesmerized.

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October 26, 2004 by Egor aka GoHa Glass3D158365 downloads

Flashes - Flashes is a visualization plug-in from Glass3D team

Staff review

Somewhat basic

Very similar to the fyrewurx effect in AVS... looks ok, but, not all that mind blowing.


Neat - A neat, responsive visualization. Impressive. - October 13, 2008 by Just Someone

Pretty - I LOVE this plug-in.Nothing complicated and it doesn't change in shape, but it's very responsive and looks great at full screen.Good work! - November 30, 2007 by Barry `Stulberger

Looks like windows 95 puked.... - I fully appreciate that someone took the time of day to create a visualization to adorn all our pc's. That, however, is where the leniency ends. This visualization was neither responsive, nor captivating. The best way to make my high definition screen look like a doggy crt. - August 21, 2007 by Ben Weigt

stars - tres joli!!! - December 22, 2006 by Beata Jarosz

Flashes - This visualization is the MOST responsive one I have EVER found !!! It is the greatest!! - November 13, 2005 by Rhonda Robinson

Won't run - Won't run as the programmer has hard coded the file path for a wav file and the path doesn't exist on my PC. - February 9, 2005 by Steve Murphy

Bollocks - Looks nowhere near as good as the screenshot.. many vis are better.. hmm the default avs perhaps? - January 17, 2005 by Brian Widdows

kiki - lol - November 8, 2004 by mona eu