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FishAmp 2002

Featured Plugin, September 26, 2002.

Featured Plugin, September 26, 2002.

New Version updated with fish models, and fractal plants, ENJOY! This is an OpenGL plugin, which utilizes MD2 models, and Lyndenmeyer system fractals. Email me if you want the source.

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February 1, 2003 by Christopher Perkins141418 downloads

FishAmp 2002 - Featured Plugin, September 26, 2002.

Staff review

Hmm...runs very very slow

Not sure if this is incompatible with geforce2 cards, but, this ran painfully slow and choppy on the two different ghz plus machines I tried it on. Running Winamp 2.8x and win2000. The fish literally move once every 5 seconds.


Unique - Since Winamp v1.x, I have never seen a plugin quite like this one before but that is a good thing! pretty unique plugin, I like it, and the fish move fine for me -Drakk ))) - March 17, 2007 by Jonathan Ayers

Gold among visuals - Plug-ins like this make a gold of collections. Just for it represents natural sceneries. But, it is very incomplete. A good plug-in should have menu, on-screen or separate settings table. And using NeonTetra and Tuna models together is a bit strange. My opinion is that this visual must have 5 stars. - March 29, 2006 by The Earthquaker

LOL This is too funny!!! - OMG!! they move so fast to greenday and punk/rock and metal songs!!! THIS IS TOO FUNNY! i barely see them move LOL!!! nice on... but... try and make them a lil slower next time :p Still 6/10 man.. because its funny and unrealistic:D the way i like em :D! - October 21, 2005 by RoDmAn Rod

Down With Fish!! - Yeah, I know if I tried to make a vis, it would look like this (or much, much worse). I'm gonna go stare at MilkDrop now... - May 29, 2004 by Mike Hemmerling

Fast on my computer - I have a p4 2.26Ghz. and GeForcre 4 and the fish dart around real fast when the music picks up. - February 6, 2004 by Bobby Alley

hhmmm - nice wallpaper! - December 3, 2002 by Matthew Rozier

worked fine with me - I'm not sure why it woujldn't work for some ppl with ghz+ machines. I have a duron 1ghz with geforce256 and it worked very smoothly for me. so yeah, not a very fashy vis but it's something to add to my archive =) - September 29, 2002 by raf p

theme is good... - full screen mode is very miserable on my 1.6Ghz and geForce2. my friend said, wow cute wall paper! - September 29, 2002 by masaki kanno

Ooops, some people need better comps... - On a 1.8Ghz + geForce 3 this plug-in runs silky smooth. It's still pretty average though. - September 28, 2002 by Alex Justice

i think.... - this is for verry,verry fast comp's.looks nice so far,but my amd900 and g-force2 are not gonna make it. it's like the fish are teleporting from A to B - space me up,beamy... - August 18, 2002 by andreas finken