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Fire Ice Scopes

Two scopes and Dancing text

Two scopes and Dancing text

This is my first plug-in so I hope you people enjoy it.

The text can be changed in the plug-in config as the text size. (Size = 0 : Text Off)

The plug-in was made in c/c++ and OpenGL. I try to keep it as simple as it could be so I think that it will run on every machine.

This new file has a new feature, if no text is specified to be shown, then the song title will be dancing.


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June 8, 2005 by Domingos Freitas64155 downloads

Fire Ice Scopes - Two scopes and Dancing text

Staff review


This is basic but it does as the author says. Winamp 5.x vis frame support would be nice and also for changing the resolution to update the window size on the fly.


New versions - For new versions of the plug-in with minor updates look into PS: I will try to do the sugested and when it's done I post it here again. - June 27, 2005 by Domingos Freitas