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14 of yathosho's fake remixes

14 of yathosho's fake remixes

a collection of fake remixes i made in the last couple of years. fake remixes? well, once i achieved a look that resembles another artists style, i called it a fake. sometimes i even used parts from another artists' own remix to create something new from it. still i think the presets have a lot of my own style in them, i'm not yet perfect at counterfeiting. fakes was previously available on only, this is an exclusive special edition containing two bonus presets! for more!

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October 30, 2009 by A Guy called Yathosho2141 downloads

fakes - 14 of yathosho's fake remixes

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gy rtok ti

The above title is a hungarian collection of poems from Frigyes Karinthy (in raw translation: This is how you write). he wrote (parody) poems in the style of other writers (i don't know if it was translated to english, i guess so it was). Yathosho did the same in avs (direct or not) created a crooked mirror for other artists and showed them: this is how you avsing:). And yet more or less he kept his own image in all of the presets. Overall it's an interesting remix pack.