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Fabry AVS

A Bit Of Immagination

A Bit Of Immagination

My 25 avs, I've used BMP/AVI files. I improved and added new presets by trying to make'em worth to be published in winamp.I've just tried, not sure if I've succeded.Mostly old avs style ;-)

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December 30, 2002 by Fabrizio Cattaneo279080 downloads

Fabry AVS - A Bit Of Immagination

Staff review

Definitely check these AVS presets out

Some very innovative styles here... lots of variety. 'you've got mail (alot)', 'outer space stamps', 'planettonic', 'aliens core', and 'amineoxidize' are all extremely nice presets. There are some in there that probably could have been left out, but, overall, these are well worth the download. -dg


Superb! - Not a bummer in the bunch. Superlatives fail me. Multiply my 5 stars by 5. Or 10. Stunning! - October 15, 2005 by Ray Evans

In memorial - These are the best AVS Presets by Fabry when he was alive. VI CONSIGLIO DI SCARICARE QUESTA RACCOLTA IN RICORDO DI FABRY. - June 2, 2005 by Alessandro Zara

Miss you my friend - You was a good friend and i wished you was still among us and that we could have drinked our Carlsberg somewhere here in my town this summer!!! You are missed my friend, very much Fabry.... - May 12, 2005 by ernst -------

Stll The Best - It's so good to see that after so long Fabry's avs masterpiece is still at the top!More than 200.000 dowloads can't be wrong. The good works last forever. - June 27, 2004 by joaquim jardim

Updated 12/2002 (25 presets) - My latest and last update of my avs pack, something new, something modified, anyway nothing special, but you might enjoy them. Between old and new style. Fabry ;-) - December 30, 2002 by Fabrizio Cattaneo

Incredible! - I'm looking for the right words, but can't find them, so I give it the 5 stars it deserves. - May 8, 2002 by tais jardim

170.000 dls!!!!!!!!!!!! - Just a Master like Fabry could reach such an expressive number of downloads. 10 months weren't enough time to let us forget this masterpiece. Still waiting for more! - May 8, 2002 by beth matos

Even Simple is Amazing! - I've been watching this pack for a while, it really amazes me, and you know why? Almost all the presets are quite simple, but you combined toghether the effects in a great way. One of my favorites is for instance "catch me", there isn't any math formula inside but it got a beautyful arrange and it responds and dancing very well to the music beat. Not to mention the others, like "Ammineoxidize", "Naxoonamoon" and so forth. I just try to picture what you could do if you just try to include something serious dynamic movements and a bit more sophisticated superscopes, I'm sure you'll blow away all the avs packs here. As Reynaldo said, keep going, we want to see your new pack as soon as possible! - April 13, 2002 by Jack Pack

A Long Time - There's a long time that I wanted to submit my review just to give 5 stars to this truly masterpiece. But only today I saw Wittens comment 'bout it. Good God, this guy maybe one of the best, no doubt about it, but surely he's one of the most boring reviewers I ever saw. And Fabry, it ain't more than time for a new pack? We (avs lovers) can't wait no longer! - March 29, 2002 by reynaldo paes

Perfection! - No words. Many stars! - February 13, 2002 by joaquim jardim

Lovely Presets - It's amazing how you've put your entire heart in those presets. Not much advanced but rather lovely and beautiful. - January 22, 2002 by Lucy Majors

nice - Good use of pic and avi man! keep it on! - January 19, 2002 by Martin Zirau

avs history - I like them, it looks an avs history pack, from the simple one to the advanced. Very good. It seems that you've got hit by some idiots here, who doesn't know anything about avs. - January 19, 2002 by Aglieglie Brazo

chung li on saturn (my best time) - i didnt like any of them much but chung li on saturn (my best time) that one was cool as hell. - January 9, 2002 by J L

BOOOOO! - I probaly wouldn't even gave you this star if it wan't for how it looked on here! When I installed it it didn't show up! Fix this problem PLEASE!!! - January 4, 2002 by Lila Granola

chunky - some decent presets - especially 'planettonic' - a little slow though because of the avi/bmp usage. solid pack though, worth the dl. keep it up! - November 6, 2001 by the bainer

Fantastic !!! - It's a fantastic plug-in and I think it's the better I never see. Congratulations ! - October 24, 2001 by Nino Carvelli

Good Work - Could be better, but at list this pack deserves five stars. Good variety! - October 21, 2001 by Julia Robin

Shouldn't you contact with me? - After seeing your comment in winamp, thanks god, you are still alive. I have been worried. Contact with me, please! Vita - October 1, 2001 by vita yang

From arse - These are pretty crappy presets. - September 26, 2001 by Janne Manne

I don't have enough stars to give... - This is, by far, the best plugin I have downloaded. There might be some with more technically amazing features, but I can just watch these presets for hours. Beautiful. - July 16, 2001 by Justin Klotz

whoa.... - Solid pack. Most DEFINETELY worth the download. - July 13, 2001 by DJ QDoG

Nice FX's Mate - Keep 'em coming. I like your style. Peace - July 10, 2001 by Zen-X (Liam McLaughlin)

This is amazing - I wish that I could give it 8 stars. This is pure energy made visual. - July 7, 2001 by Jim Mathis

Lo stile non ? acqua - Lo stile non ? acqua. Great pack; great style. woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow - July 4, 2001 by Marco E. Muraca

WOW - I'm very impressed. Unfortunately the Render AVI didn't work on my computer :( Would give 6 stars if I could. - July 2, 2001 by Mathieu Pichďż˝