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This pack consist of all the avs presets I have ever made.

This pack consist of all the avs presets I have ever made.

Well, this is the last preset package. This pack consist of around 350 presets, all separate into 16 folders. You can use the superscopes and movements I made.I would like to thank those who support me and rated me. And who visited my website which is Looks Like I will never figure out how to make Frank's "EL-VIS" superscopes. Anyway Good Bye citizens winamp.

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June 1, 2001 by Michael Jonathan Evelyn50124 downloads

Everything - This pack consist of all the avs presets I have ever made.

Staff review

Everything AVS

This is a gargantuan collection of visuals... for the most part, the quality level is set to high... definitely worth checking out if you want to spend lots and lots of time looking at 350 or so presets. -dg


hi - looking nice - October 23, 2007 by sai naung

I can't see!!!!!!!!!!! im blind!!!!!!! - what??? who??? where??? this is the most beautiful,high quality AVS that i ever seen (Well exept my AVS that i made of course)... - March 28, 2002 by DJ "CoolmaN" O-me-R

Here! - Everything is here! Back to the top! - March 1, 2002 by beth matos

We Love This One - My father and I spend hours looking at this pack. Here we found almost all the beautiful packs created by Michael. Beautiful! - February 16, 2002 by reynaldo paes

All In One - This is still one of favorites packs. And, man, what a super pack! All the of magical works from Michael Johnattan together. Only "Certified" is missing, but you should download it and have All the great style of this master of avs. Congratulations, Michael. We're waiting for more! - October 21, 2001 by joaquim jardim

Too Much Devil - These all seem evil. If you are against God you can get these. - June 13, 2001 by Blake Mathis

We are having - a party with Michael and those people who just talk are friend. checking out his preset Damn these are good vis Downloads the Artist's work - June 11, 2001 by Who CARES

WHOA - Good preset. I like them.... - June 11, 2001 by Teal THA

PARTY - tHeSe ArE what i NeEd. Thanx and we are reading this preset package. My Gang....... - June 11, 2001 by Sam Samuel

All you say? - Well then these are quality...... - June 11, 2001 by Qual Vale

cool - all you need and ideas for me - June 11, 2001 by Mega Man

Yeah - I will give it Five stars because it's full of high quality presets. Look at winamp site now it's full of confusion and destruction giving ratings all how... - June 11, 2001 by Drew Wid

All are good - Many for me! - June 11, 2001 by Dale Fire

That is alot man - Big style... - June 11, 2001 by Addy NONE

Oh My GOD!!!!! - TOO MUCH QUALITY PEOPLE TOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! Oh and good bye Michael - June 2, 2001 by Richard Wang

____! - Great to see such an anthology from an artist like Mickael J Evelin.So many presets from so good quality...Hmmm,I have only 271 prsts up till now so it is too early for my anth.Anyway DOWNLOAD this one and you won't be sorry,this is worth it.---JaY--- - June 2, 2001 by JaY FaTBoY