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Featured AVS Preset, November 7, 2002.

Featured AVS Preset, November 7, 2002.

Welcome To Cyberspace! Here's the second collection of my 3D-Superscopes.More Effects, more colours, more 3D, more fun ...EL-VIS UPDATE: Installer works now with winamp2 and winamp3

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September 16, 2003 by Frank Nagel158331 downloads

ELVIS7_NEUROMANCER - Featured AVS Preset, November 7, 2002.

Staff review

Incredible AVS presets

These are very very impressive.... 3d superscope tightness. 'Sentinel' was the first preset that blew me away... and there were more to follow. Definitely download these and check the innovations going on here. 'How did he do that?' is a question that will be frequentely asked. Good stuff. -dg


Looks Incredible!! - This one is the best! Thanks for EL-vis for doing this great job!!! - June 16, 2002 by Xicu Vezani

one of my favorite packs - some great presets with that distinct el-vis style. download this pack right now. - April 16, 2002 by brad candullo

The King! - After I saw these presets about a year ago, the Avs kingdom became a religion to me, under El-vis power. And here he is, on the Top again! (don't you ever leave us) - April 13, 2002 by joaquim jardim

I would give 10 stars - I would give 10 stars if i could but anyway HAIL TO EL-VIS THE KING OF 3D AVS!!!!!!!!!! - December 22, 2001 by Antanas Ursulis

what the hell?! alien intelligence!? - what planet are you from? this is unbelievable - November 30, 2001 by jor mustermeir

3d - and you don't even need 3d glasses!!! - July 24, 2001 by Sam Kinney

realy super this scopes - One of best pack here in winamp maked by a great artist :-))) i can give you more sorry - July 24, 2001 by Marco E. Muraca

Awesome presets! - How the hell does he do that? Who cares, all I know is they look awesome! I love this compliation - July 24, 2001 by Angelo Petrigh

fantastic - this compilation is perfect. I love it. Greetings for EL-VIS from milladoiro. - June 20, 2001 by uve (Alberto Baamonde)

hate - hate it - June 12, 2001 by Mike G

More specific please!!! - So you hate this...OK, but why?...At least one or two stars for my work would have been kind :( - June 12, 2001 by Frank Nagel

ELVIS7_NEUROMANCER - BEAUTIFULL, more words?? what for ? ELVIS7_NEUROMANCER -> says the RULEZ ! - June 1, 2001 by NApoleAN_HeLL .

...(dumbstruck) - SWEET JESUS! This is really the most amazing thing I've EVER seen with AVS. I can't do anything with the superscope... EL-VIS must either be a mathametition or has been spending way too much time with the SS. MORE MORE MORE! - May 25, 2001 by Scott Button

THA BEST MON - no one can make these super SUPER!!!!!!!!!! scopes - May 22, 2001 by Marine Devilat

Great Stuff - Congratulations on an excellent vis, ElVIS. You're an inspiration to all the rest of us (or me, at least). That, and you make what we do just look primitive... - May 19, 2001 by Kats Rogo

You Must Downloads This! - Come on people this guy is better than me in making superscopes. I still don't know how he made those scopes. Downloads this and you will be amazed. I AM TELLING YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DOWNLOAD NOW - May 13, 2001 by Michael Jonathan Evelyn

yeah,how did he do that? - and what is a 3d superscape anyway? - May 12, 2001 by Tai Chow Sing

HYDROGEN - hey man, you are the king of 3d, i would like to work on some vis ideas i have with you, if you could somehow get back to me. elvis scopes rock - May 10, 2001 by Eric Smith

superb! - We seem to be dealing with The King Of 3D SS.Just check out the "white light spectrum and yall understand me"---JaY--- - May 9, 2001 by JaY FaTBoY

think that I found how he do that ? - 10x to Justin or Lone for 3D scope dish SSC. I think he use this example SSC for base to make first 3D SSC but he go more deeper in "dark" world of 3D SSC. - May 8, 2001 by Tonic (Yordan Vulchev)

Supi - Is this AVS? - May 8, 2001 by Marcus Steinbuch

Amazing! - How did he do that? - May 8, 2001 by claudia baum

my review - WOW - May 7, 2001 by rory ketchum