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Updated installation for winamp3

Updated installation for winamp3

PLASMA: 1.Fully ionized gas of low density. Electrically conductive and affected by magnetic fields. 2.Clear, yellowish fluid in which the blood-cells are carried. -- UPDATE -- No new presets just removed a bug in the setup causing problems on some systems. If you did use the old version and after this your AVS refuses to start then just remove the file "vis_avs.dat" from your winamp\plugins-folder. Sorry!UPDATE: Installer now works with winamp2 and winamp3

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August 18, 2002 by Frank Nagel592476 downloads

EL-VIS8 PLASMA - Updated installation for winamp3

Staff review

Yess..finally, the return of El Vis (update with install bug fix)

By the author who brought us all those nifty 3d superscopes, comes the plasma pack. These are very very impressive.... the liquid flow and unconventional movements achieved here are a treat to the eyes. El Vis definitely succeeds in creating visual environments with these presets... you feel visually surrounded. Definitely worth downloading.


Looks great but . . . - Upon clicking the full screen button followed by the ESC key, the image shrank to just 1/4 it's normal size. The blank area remaining in the VIS screen then was showing part of the desktop. Upon resizing the screen by draging at lower-right corner, a double set of Full screen/Previous/Next/Random buttons appeared. To clear up this mess, you have to double click the Video/VIS button twice. Image then returns to normal. {Using Winamp 5.35 under Win2K} Sorry, but needs some work or maybe I need to get XP. - September 7, 2007 by Porkus Bellus

stupid el-vis8 plasma - it is the stupid plug-in theat i ever seen - January 11, 2007 by Narcis Tanase

timeless classic - one of the most influencial packs in the short history of avs! - June 11, 2006 by les Noobiens

Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - SHOCKING!!!! THIS IS THE WORST AVS PRESET PACK EVER!!!! (sarcasm) You Better download this or you are a disgrace, because it is made by the king of AVS, this is so damn well good, that he should get paid 2 make visualiz8ions, the best is probably ring of fire, the worst is probably german TV. It sucks. - March 8, 2005 by Robert Macdonald

Mindblowing - Truly amazing visuals!! I was tripping on a very wonderful (legal) substance, and these visuals brought it up, by far. I Highly recommend! - June 29, 2004 by John Doe

It Is FU*KING COOL - It is REAL COOL!!!My favorite El-vis preset pack!!!I love it!!!Devil Made Me Doit - My favorite AVS!!!El-vis is a king!!! - March 22, 2003 by Lychagin Ivan

Ring of Fire! - Amazing, just download it and check out the ring of fire vis on this plugin... that's mighty cool! - June 26, 2002 by Nick P.

"EL-VIS8 PLASMA" - I`m dead or in heaven.frank you`r the best. i like it couse it`s easy to use and it has a lot of TRIPPEN screens.MISTER NAGEL RULES ;) - May 11, 2002 by patrick peelen

JESUS! - Man, you're not a king, you're THE king!!! - April 29, 2002 by MasterMind Hazord

Great !!!!! - This thing is awesome. I love it. El-vis , ur a genius. I like how u use the superscopes and how u mess with all the numbers and letters when u invent these little movements. Good job ! - April 16, 2002 by Damian Brac

Masters - The Masters are at the top! NOTHING LEFT TO SAY! - April 13, 2002 by Jack Pack

Download, NOW =)! - Still the king =) - April 10, 2002 by ilari ritakallio

can't beleave it - take a picture of this! i dont need a world formula any more when i look on franks superscope theorems. - March 30, 2002 by Lois Steiner

Great! - I was asked to rate this pack from a special source. These are real top notch presets, comparing cool 3d DM's and great SSC's, a killer combination. Great work as always El-vis.. :D - March 27, 2002 by jDm (janzku Da masta)

Genius! - This is probably the best pack I've ever downloaded. Totaly amazing. - March 24, 2002 by Marilee Elizabeth

WTF?? - No words for this presets. They are just... INCREDIBLE - March 6, 2002 by Sam Molenaar

:0 - Wowwww, where you learn this? - February 27, 2002 by Guilherme Amaral

Let's Get It To The Top - Hey everybody! Let's get together and put this unique dream avs on the top. Submit your review and give to "El-Vis8 Plasma" the five stars it deserves. Let's show to those dumb reviewers our power. Like Horse Fly once said, let's make the Revolution. (or we can lose all our heroes, the avs Masters, from the winamp's downlaod pages) - January 14, 2002 by joaquim jardim

wow!! juicy...once again - drool!, top notch presets as usual from elvis. man, you are awesome, i am always impressed! i guess elvis really IS the king. But hey, please don't make any changes to winamp in the future!! we can configure winamp ourselves, the vis_avs.dat file was corrupted on my system also, and avs was crashing until i removed the file. - November 30, 2001 by jor mustermeir

Works just fine!! - This is the best avs-package i've ever downloaded... Absolutely fantastic work.People DL this one now!!! - November 24, 2001 by Janne Kayhko

NICE! - WOW! wirklich super. Ich kann nur sagen, EL_Vis kennt sich echt aus. Das beste, was ich je gesehen habe. Eigentlich haette ich nicht gedacht, dass soetwas mit dem avs moeglich ist. Aber den Beweis kann man sich hier saugen! It?s _really_ cool! - November 2, 2001 by Ibu Hirsch

The Best - It's so sad to see zero stars for this great AVS pack just because some peoples got troubles with their computers :-( and this isn't the first time! Some persons should start using their mind in order to know the difference between "ART" and system incompatibility problems! - October 24, 2001 by Fabrizio Cattaneo

Sorry but... - hey, Soren, if you discover some problems with my plugin, please mail me instead of voting it down without having looked at it. Perhaps I made a mistake, perhaps NSIS, perhaps winamp, who knows. I've tested the installation on different PCs and it worked allright. Here some clues for anyone discovering problems: 1. Make shure you have got at least AVS2.4.9 installed. It comes with winamp2.7.5 or above. 2. If start of AVS fails after installing PLASMA there might be a problem with my welcome-AVS which contains some AVI-video. It is located in the winamp-plugins-folder and called VIS_AVS.DAT . Remove this file and try starting AVS again. - October 23, 2001 by Frank Nagel

Problem - Since I instaled these Presets I haven't been able to run AVS - October 21, 2001 by Soren Bog

It's great! - This looks like good AVS presets. Self-made? - October 20, 2001 by Gary Kertopermono

Congratulations!! - Su..Su..SUPER job! - October 5, 2001 by Korpas Zoltan

Oh my god! - Yeah, this is my dream. I don't know who or what are you Frank, but I know, this is a very brutal and perfect plugin. I want to be Frank Nagel. - October 4, 2001 by Vj Juryj

El-vis is the master - This man continues to raise the bar for AVS production. his avs's always have a sence of style, and an air of imposibity. He never overdoes his presets, like some others. Simple, yet complex. He da man. - September 25, 2001 by Marc Paquette

Twenty Stars Minimum - Anyone who ever doubts AVS's 3D capabilities has been taught a lesson with this one... Simply brilliant. A must for anyone's collection.. Thanks! - September 17, 2001 by Kurt Wood

... - There are really no words to discribe this... It's SO SO SO SO SOOOOOOOO fuckin' good!!! Just download it!! Elvis: you are the best..!!!! - September 15, 2001 by Da Creep

Stan_Ogden - veryveryveryvery nice!! definitely the best i've seen, dint realise that such groovy things could be done! - August 30, 2001 by Stan Ogden

GREAT!!! - Awesome man!!! - August 10, 2001 by Dan Cooper

I'll never make my own presets again - I have been completely humbled. Have you looked in the preset configuration menus for these shizits yet? What the hell does this guy do to come up with this stuff? Einstien on acid. - August 9, 2001 by Jacob Schmugge

Sweet - Very nice and hypnotic... - August 8, 2001 by billy don buckskin

More of the neXt Gen of AVS - The 3d surface movements of this pack are amazing, you have no choice, if you think avs is dull and slow check this out and shut your big fat filth speewing mouth. Peace - August 3, 2001 by Zen-X (Liam McLaughlin)

CAN YOU SAY... - HOLY SHIT THIS IS DA SHIT SO TAKE A BIG WHIFF!~!~!~!~!~ - August 3, 2001 by Derek Morris

e.c.s.t.a.s.y..a.n.d..p.e.r.f.e.c.t.i.o.n. - I love EL-VIS presets. Elvis 8 is awesome!!!!! - August 2, 2001 by uve (Alberto Baamonde)

Ladies(and gentelmen) - El-vis has entered the building.Please fasten yer seatbelts for you are going to enter a new dimention...just download,he will do the equations for you - August 2, 2001 by JaY FaTBoY

like a sex machine! - this is not only the technically best collection of avs-presets, but also a bunch of funky+sexy ones!! - August 2, 2001 by A Guy called Yathosho

Unbelievable - Beautiful 3-D realms of colors all responding to my music. I can't even understand how he dreamt up some of these presets. - August 1, 2001 by Nemo Orange

Damn Your Good - These are the most amazing avs preset ever. It got style, some porn, superscopes, some more porn, dynamic movements, even MORE porn, expert work, did i mention It got Porn? - August 1, 2001 by Michael Jonathan Evelyn

Awesome - I don't usually like these AVS's but i really like this one, it has tons of different pictures and modes! - August 1, 2001 by Brandon Wright