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EL-vis HypnotizeD

26 Presets for AVS

26 Presets for AVS

What to say? 26 Presets from 2D psychedelic to 3D technical. All of them fast enough to give you fullscreen pleasures even on older systems.

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August 19, 2004 by Frank Nagel86241 downloads

EL-vis HypnotizeD - 26 Presets for AVS

Staff review

Truly a masterful AVS artist.

Not suprisingly, the latest collection from AVS legend El-Vis will indeed make your day. These presets are beyond hypnotic... they truly resonate with style and artistry. El-Vis makes visuals with depth... whether it's a complex 3d object or a more basic approach... these presets are done right.


el-vis rocks - This preset is SO MUCH BETTER than any of your other preset before. - August 29, 2006 by Zary Jack

-- GOD OF AVS -- - THAT'S BECAUSE OF STYLE, YOU MUTHAFUCKERS, STOP YOUR BITCHING!!! EL IS DA BEST! RIGHT ON...EL-vis EL-vis EL-vis EL-vis EL-vis EL-vis EL-vis EL-vis EL-vis EL-vis - May 17, 2005 by Deyan Yankovich

Enough good - El-vis is still alive as well, this is the truly good pack, but actually not as good as VR for exampl... but that's just because of it's style. "s-t-y-l-e" - rings a bell??? Remember old el's packs - illussion or plasma for example. they were't as good as cyberpunx or drug drive... but THAT'S BECAUSE OF STYLE, YOU MUTHAFUCKERS, STOP YOUR BITCHING!!! EL IS DA BEST! - September 5, 2004 by ivan lychagin (aka vanish)

AVS Delight - El-vis has left the building! Another kick ass little pack from the master... - August 23, 2004 by KID BANANO

A stunning set of presets. - The 3d presets are of very high quality, and even the 'old school' ones are also the best of their class. The realism present in some of these is stunning. Well deserving of top marks! - August 22, 2004 by Errol Gerry

Nobody does it better! - El-vis has always been regarded as the top AVS artist in the field, & this pack proves why. Combining techniques from both new methods & old school mentality, he puts together a pack that encompasses everything that visualizations should be. Whether it be highly technical 3-D space journey or a simple render, you will be hypnotized. A must download for any AVS enthusiast. - August 20, 2004 by Nemo Orange

Overrated... - But not much, it's still 4,5 stars worth of excellent avs pleasure. But there are just too many "bad" presets in it to be full 5 stars worth in my opinion. Presets like: "spiral", "FTLO"'s, "Masterplan", "colorangel", "plasmalights", "experimental", "atomic2" & "reflexionsonacolororgan" really bring the overall quality of the pack way down to give it a full 5 stars. Still a well worthy download. - August 19, 2004 by Jukka Keskinarkaus