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e n v i s i o n 2

Featured AVS Preset, August 8, 2002.

Featured AVS Preset, August 8, 2002.

my second AVS pack, hope you enjoy.

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September 17, 2003 by brad candullo72769 downloads

e n v i s i o n 2 - Featured AVS Preset, August 8, 2002.

Staff review

An amazing collection...definitely check these out

This second installation to the Envision series really keeps the quality level on high. Impressive attention to detail, color, flow, and overall design. What really stands out in this pack is the movement within movement. Check out each individual layer and how they move differently from one another... makes you feel like you are visually immersed in the AVS world. 'Surround Sound' and 'Abstract Existance' are some of the coolest presets I've seen in a while. The cosmic layering and psychadelic smoothness of 'Enigma' is downright addicting. Overall, this is an essential AVS notch visual treats that your eyes will thank you for downloading.


The king of the avs hill - My lips are sealed, I can't describe my feeling in words. Tons of quality views here and your eyes definitely need it! - August 21, 2002 by Daniel Joe Tandiman

what does it do - what does it do, i download it, and i cant even find it, whats it for? - August 21, 2002 by chris hickey

oooh - can't think of appropriate words - August 13, 2002 by A Guy called Yathosho

Favorite - This is one of my all time favorite packs. Duo, as he's known in the AVS world, has managed to put together an incredible collection of presets. There are a multitude of styles, effects, and reactions just waiting to be seen by your very eyes. Download now & prepare to be blown away. - August 4, 2002 by Nemo Orange

Nice - Really Sweet download it. - August 1, 2002 by Winter Manchek

Wow wow wow wow - These are amazing! The most impressive I've seen for a while. Installer seemed to dump them on my desktop instead of the Winamp folder tho' - August 1, 2002 by Adam Shailer

A hit after a long time! - this pack is best of my avs collections! - July 28, 2002 by masaki kanno

Picture looks nice - I hope my [email protected] AVS presets, which will be published in about 4 weeks, will be just as good (OK, remotely nearly as good...)! - July 27, 2002 by NEUTRINO Quark

Top pack - Some nice DM's in here. Well done - July 27, 2002 by John Baker

Duo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - These AVS are the best in the world! I just can't imagine how Duo makes 'em. I recomend these to all people who love AVS. Lithuanian: Tegyvuoja AVS! Tegyvuoja EL-VIS, UnConed ir Duo!!! Tegyvuoju a?!!! - July 27, 2002 by Antanas Ursulis

At the King's Side! - this incredible pack deserves the full 5 stars! - July 22, 2002 by beth matos

Beauty and style - Beautifully worked out presets. Sometimes I missed a little more intense beat reaction...ahh, but these colors and smoothness... and "Surround Sound" and "Abstract Existence" are really really outstanding and of great style. More of this stuff...please. - July 18, 2002 by Frank Nagel

The Meaning! - If you wanna know what AvsArt is all about, download one the most amazing packs ever created. The talent of Brad Candullo has no limits. - July 17, 2002 by joaquim jardim