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Dude the Pizza Guy is Here

Tested on animals, and they approve!

Tested on animals, and they approve!

Blam... and all that stuff. Here is some nifty AVS stuff. Go read my AVS wishlist over in the forums, and you'll see how and why I could've made a lot of other niftier stuff, and could've improved this nifty stuff exponentially.

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March 15, 2001 by Nimrod Funk (Keith Stasney)159285 downloads

Dude the Pizza Guy is Here - Tested on animals, and they approve!

Staff review

I'm glad the pizza guy delivered

These are indeed some tasty presets for your head. Large amounts of optic flavor and other visual toppings will more than satiate your AVS hunger. Way too many tight presets for me to even start naming favorites... just download and enjoy. -dg


Dude the Pizza Guy is Here - great job ty keep up the good work and pass that bong 420 - October 7, 2006 by joe walkingthunder

Cool!!! - It's very great!!! Download it fast! - July 30, 2003 by Balog Csaba

First Timer - Well, considering I'm new at AVS's and Plugins and stuff with Winamp I like it.. a lot. I've had winamp before but I've just recently found out about plug-ins and skins...and I'll tell you this.... I recomend this plug-in highly...I mean think of the stuff these guys have to go through to make things like this..I give all Plug-in and skin makers high credit...especially this one...Cris - July 1, 2002 by Cris Bruyer

Dude, DUDE, dude, DuDe... - some of the best AVS ive seen in a while... dynamic phoenix rocks!!! - May 29, 2002 by Mike Grace

soooo over rated - not that good my grandma mackes better ones then that also i like acid that one is cool - December 19, 2001 by Ryan Bond

wtf? - nb if you get motion sickness do not look at vomit! but I have seen better effects - December 14, 2001 by Ken Anderson

what - what pizza gay- i mean guy - July 29, 2001 by 1DJ Is TO MUCH

mmm..... ho humm.... - hey looky, mah names on yer syte! hyuck! hey maw! come quick, - July 16, 2001 by Poor Polly

Beyond words! - Just DL it! It offers endless pleasure. - July 3, 2001 by Jim Mathis

these are cool - these are the best avs presets ive ever downloaded - June 23, 2001 by ashley carey

hmm - the presets are pretty cool, compared to some others it's pretty freakin amazing. theres a lot of crap out there. His comments arent cheezy and boring, like most, and the names of the presets are also original. If ya wanna be entertained DL this. If you like having a boring, monotonous, dreary, pathetic existence dont DL it. its not for you. - June 15, 2001 by Vengeful Fred The Cockatoo

The greatest - ever AVS collection I ve ever seeen...and the greatest comments also... - May 19, 2001 by JaY FaTBoY

the good, the bad & the ugly - got a few kickass presets here, but a few were pathetic, and the most of them were good ideas just need a little more work before release, but still heaps worthy of a download - March 31, 2001 by indy rod

Fricken Awesome - How he did those I have no fricken clue. But it's some of the most trippyist AVS effects I have ever seen! A must for anybody with a life and cares about the better things in it!!! - March 29, 2001 by David Borrero