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Destroit MI

new pack from me!

new pack from me!

my 3rd avspak already, still doing weird stuff? dunno what to say, mad thx to yathosho for the optimisation of my shit and the installer!

we are visbot!

check or my page on devart

comments welcome!

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January 27, 2007 by PAN AM4932 downloads

Destroit MI - new pack from me!

Staff review

Too weird for its own good.

Yes, it's strange. Strange can be good. Strange can be appealing. The first preset of the pack is strange and appealing. Good and interesting too. The rest of the pack is just too flashy, boring, and even unoriginal to be taken seriously. No, this is not a good pack. A few just might appreciate it for is lack of conventionality. The others will probably hate it.