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Desibel v3

Some visuals to your eyes

Some visuals to your eyes

Desibel v.3 is this time concentrated to the technical side of AVS. Lotsof using of different kind of effects to please your eyes. So dl and enjoy.Btw. This won Daily Deviation at DeviantArt.

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June 25, 2002 by Janne Kayhko22990 downloads

Desibel v3 - Some visuals to your eyes

Staff review

Download these and stare at them

Quality quality...the latest installment of the Desibel series is extremely nice. Many different styles here... all done very well. Masterful usage of color, really makes these stand out as pleasing to the eye. Definitely a pack to add to your collection.


Chilling - This with Trance music is absolutely awesome! - July 6, 2002 by Juan Bosco

Proud! - Yes, Janne! You have to be proud. Besides winning the Daily Deviation at Deviantart, you got your highest rating from the Winamp's staff. Once again you fill the eyes of the avs'lovers around the world with a pack full of high quality presets. Although I like Desibel 2 a little more, this is a 5 stars work too, and no one can take this from you. I know it has been a long way since the first HellHammer pack, but now you reached the top, and your talent is finally completely recognized. Congrats, my friend. We are proud of you! - June 25, 2002 by joaquim jardim