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Dancing water

First dancing water in the world !!

First dancing water in the world !!

Disco dancing water. Works under Direct3D, need a 3D accelerator card. Uses animations, and a real-time meta-ball system.

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March 7, 2000 by laurent benadiba179661 downloads

Dancing water - First dancing water in the world !!

Staff review

Dance you little Blob DANCE

First thing that came to my mind was Fluber but there is no option to turn the little shit green! Also a little slow on my TNT2 c-


It looks nice - Kills winamp on exit using windows vista. Maybe will work better on older operating system. - April 5, 2008 by Alexander Farmer

nice idea - ..................not impressed - August 17, 2002 by alessian hans

Benadiba is lost!! - his homepage is gone, i can't find him on the web (i only find a french liposuction surgeon by the same name), and i love this plugin. it is such a pity that he has disapeared. if i knew he was going to quit working on this, then i would have liked to take over the development for him... b/c it does need some work. However, it is the best dancer plugin i have EVER seen, and it runs so fast, too (too fast, actually). if anybody knows how i can get in contact with Laurent Benadiba, PLEASE, let me know ([email protected], put Laurent Benadiba in the subject or i'll delete it). - July 25, 2002 by Joe Blow

AWESOME!!!! - This is one of the best dancing plugs so far bad ass!!! - March 13, 2002 by michael vanzant

Totally odd, but boring. - I give it two stars for originality and plain weirdness, but it gets old really, REALLY fast. - December 29, 2001 by Nutty Schmo

Visuals - OK i cant believe that me and my friends are the only ones that have really seen what this plugin can do. Roll once and watch it trust me youll see the faces are badass the back ground is even better trust me!!!! - October 6, 2001 by Mike S

It works...... - but dances WAY too fast. high spec machines, avoid this one. - July 29, 2001 by Francis Guidera

This Sucks White ASS!!! - Dancing blob? What kind of psychotropic drugs are you on, man? Try something cooler, DAMN IT!!! - June 16, 2001 by Charlie Martens

Dancing Water - Cool plug in..dunno why no one said anything..but.. well..its cool.. i have not found any bugs,clean plug in. - May 6, 2001 by Yeatin Giri