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Dance Floor v1

Shows a dance floor full of dancing women

Shows a dance floor full of dancing women

Dance Floor features amazing per pixel lighting and shadows along with pulsating flare effects, dancing babes, and balls of mercury. You've seen those other visualizers with one dancer, but how about a dance floor full of them? There are lots of variables to play with, the ability to save and load presets, remembers window positions, always on top option, and many other improvements had been made. You can control how many dancers are on the screen at once, or even change the textures to project your own images over them as they get down. Requires Geforce 1 class hardware or better and DirectX 8

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September 12, 2001 by Chris Egerter231657 downloads

Dance Floor v1 - Shows a dance floor full of dancing women

Staff review

Very nice 3d visuals

This one is definitely all about the Girlies option. Dark dancefloor with shiny lights and swirls... and then there are the scantily clad women who come running around doing their dances.... good stuff.


how do you do that - hey there, I would love to know how you do this effect. I do my own dj mixes and attach visual to a movie editing software and I need visual "filler". Can you tell me how I can do this too. Thanks John [email protected] - February 19, 2005 by John Mendillo

Yo This is Awesome! - Hey we need more like this. This tops out any of the vis's on this site. Lets see more of this type dude. Really clear and vivid. Could of done a little better on the clothes for the girlies and they're boobs should bounce. Keep it real man! Peace. - July 21, 2004 by Bryan Holmberg

It does work - This plugin is awesome, the effects in this thing rock, I'm running it on an athlon XP 2200+ 512megs ram and a 128 meg Radeon 9700 pro video card (yea, my system is a bit overkill for most stuff) NOTE TO DEVELOPERS: I want to see som Visualizations that use programmable pixel shaders and all that cool stuff - June 19, 2003 by Jon D

Great plugin - I ran this plugin on a PIII 1.1 GHz w/ Geforce 4 440MX; 32 bit, 1600x1200 fullscreen, WinXP, and it has excellent graphics. I would highlt recommend this plugin! - May 19, 2002 by Michael Martinez

Exellent Works Great - This is a great plugin i have a athlon 1.4 Ghz 512megs ram on a geforce 4 440 mx and it plays EXELLENT......I cant wait for another plugin by you.great work thanx........ - May 4, 2002 by Larry Wilhite

Perhaps a bit of constructive criticism - I think this plugin was done extremely well. You have an awful lot of stuff going on at once, and what's there looks quite smooth. What I can recommend though, is it needs a center of focus. The analyser on the floor is too shifty and small to really serve the purpose. This scene if combined with, say, wildtangeants models (without spyware included) would actually make one hellova improvement, imo. In all reality, that's all that's really wrong with it- users should download this one - it's quite beautiful. It runs quite well on my not-top-of-the-line puter. - April 23, 2002 by B Conley

Sort out your pcs MOANERS - Well, I have the following. Elsa Gladiac Geforce2 MX 32meg AGP (with T&L), 512 meg 133mhzsdram, Athlon 1gig, 200MHZfsb, Maxtor 30gig ATA100 7200rpm, Win98 First Edition (fully updated), Direct X 8.1, IDETOOL for via chipsets, latest 4in1 drivers, cacheman cache manager. I dunno about anyone else, but I run this in 32 bit mode, 1024x768, FULLSCREEN, whilst being connected to the web, and it is COOL, loads of action, loads of colours and so on. This I guess, only goes to prove, that Win98 is still the best operating system cause thus far, my system hasn't found ANYTHING it cannot run! (Please feel free to let me know if there is something that might challenge my superbly configure machine, LMAOLMAOLMAO!) I HAVE TO LAUGH AT ALL OF YOU THAT HAVE BEEN SLAGGING OFF THE AUTHOR. This stuff is free, so if you don't like it or it doesn't work (or more accurately you can't get your machine to run properly, then DON'T USE IT! Keep up the good work Chris Egerter! - April 15, 2002 by Francis Guidera

Win2k works fine - Ryan, I developed the plugin on Win2K and DX8.0. To say they don't work together is crazy. The plugin does not work on older cards, or value cards (like GF MX) which do not support features this plugin uses. There will be millions of people that don't have a good enough video card to run this one. There is nothing I can do to fix that. - March 7, 2002 by Chris Egerter

Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Service Pack 2 - I agree with you that profanity is not constructive criticism in your case. However, when I made that statement, I was referring to an entire post in general, not the language bit of it. Take the following example. If the only thing someone posted was "EVERYBODY THINKS THIS PLUGIN SUCKS SO MUCH ASS...." without mentioning anything about their system that would help point out the problem for that user, then true, the review would have absolutely no value. Since this person stated that he was using the obsolete Voodoo II card, then you would explain to that individual why your program doesn't work on his/her setup, and more importantly, why your program won't work on his/her setup...especially if you want that individual to repost a higher rating. When I say this, it's not to lash out at anyone, rather I'm saying this because this is what I believe. Oh well...on a lighter scale, I think I recognize what's wrong in your situation, JC. The problem, I think, is you're using Windows 2000. I know this may sound silly, but why won't this work on Win2K? From what I understand, I assume Chris was using the DirectX 8.0 SDK--a 140MB download that programmers use to make DirectX apps--or one of the older SDKs from Nvidia's website, to make this plugin. Now, anything made with this particular version of the SDK will have conflicts with Windows 2000, and it doesn't matter which version of DirectX you're using. It was such an issue that Microsoft had to make a revision of both the runtime and the SDK--8.0a, and ultimately, 8.1--and I'm not too sure if either of 'em will work on Windows 2000 as well. (I know they don't work on Windows 95, so don't bother trying that) I guess you can say this is yet another reason why I avoid using DirectX when I write code. - February 7, 2002 by Ryan Nickell

To Ryan Nickell - Ryan, Language like "moron" and "piece of shit",..are not constructive critism ,but in fact are rude and abusive. It doesnt hurt to treat your fellow humans with some bit of kindness. Chris was offended by some rude persons unkind comments and I wanted to offer feedback and support to the artist. For example,in your post,you did not say rude things to the creator. Therefore I believe that you actually understand the difference. In the future I will email people personally. Inspite of all this motherfuckin' shit,... I fuckin' wish you well,goddamitt!! Fuckin',fuckin',...fuck. - February 6, 2002 by Lazlo Almasy

CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM - i gave the plugin what i guess to be a neutral rating (3) as i was not able to use it. the application, upon launch just locked up. my system did not lock up, just the application. it should be my system doesn't meet the minimum requirements (i.e. i do not have pentium 700+ processor). for your reference, my system configuration is as follows: HP KAYAK XAs DUAL INTEL PENTIUM II/400MHz-512Kcache processors 320MB PC100 SDRAM Nvidia GEForce 2MX AGP2X overclocked to 230gpu/195ram (up from 175gpu/166ram) connected to: Nvidia GEForce 2MX PCI32 overclocked to 226gpu/191ram (up from 175gpu/166ram) 2 ViewSonic G790-2 19" set to 1024x768x16bit @ 100Hz refresh Creative Sound Blaster Live 5.1 MP3+ in 5.1 mode Cambridge Soundworks DTT2200 5.1 speakers 2 Quantum Fireball-LS 30GB/UDMA5 in RAID-0 array MS Windows 2000 Professional SP2 in MPS mode Microsoft DirectX 8.x (latest as of 02/06/02) I use all of the latest for my system hardware (as of 02/06/02) from the screen shot i think this would be really cool. i hope you will be tweaking the code to have lower hardware requirements. please email me at [email protected] if you find this review to be helpful. also, if you do make a less intensive version i would love to see it. JC - February 6, 2002 by j c

So, - Did everyone have a good Christmas? - January 12, 2002 by GonzO [HcK]GrouP

It does not work!!! - i am useing a Rage fury 128 video card but this plug-in does not seem to work my system meet's all the regments i think you need to do some more work on this one. - January 6, 2002 by Rc Holybee

to Sector Changer..... - Try umm relizeing a voodoo 2 sucks shit and is a low end computer system card.... and has been for umm like over a year now try spending 50 $ or less and getting another low end card that is better than yours... and games I have now do not support voodoo 2 thanx. and I am bettingyou are like a 16 year ld loser in your school. I like this plugin... it runs good and look very nice.. and ignore sector buddy.. it is tranceing for the people that have viewed it at my house for some of the parties I have (God love tv out to a 52 ince TV >:)-~) they liked it and I do aswell make the next better >:)-~ - December 2, 2001 by Raven Death Flame

Simply rocks - this plugin simply run fine on my pentium II 333mhz.............kinda sluggish on my celeron 333mhz.........but it simply rocks on my P4 1.8ghz........btw all my com are loaded with 64mb nvidia quadro........ nice effects.....but u have to register to unlock all the options :( it if you have a 3d capable video card...... - November 28, 2001 by Eric Ng

Any one there? - U really got to sort out the plug in. I mean if it did work maby it would be ok but it just don't work on the average computer today and the more advanced computers today as well. I have a 1.4GHz with 384Mb RAM anda TNT2 M64 and it still won't have any of it. U must be rich or some thing couse it sure won't work on this oviously slow computer. - November 17, 2001 by jonny F

DIfferent - nice lighting and shadow - GF2 GTS runs just fine. I don't know what all these other people are talking about. Cool plugin. - November 14, 2001 by Paul Price

A good start - Once you tweak the controls and the women act like they have gravity in the room, you notice they don't dance smoothly, more like a "Steamboat Willie" Mickey Mouse Cartoon, but not as smooth as Mickey Mouse. Animation needs to be smoother than a flip-book animation, maybe that would be the next step to get this skin really kickin'. - November 5, 2001 by Christopher Herff

Not Working - I have the same setup as Ryan,Geforce2 MX with Direct X8.0a.But when I run this plugin my computer locks up, I can't even run config because my machine locks up.Needs work. - November 1, 2001 by JOSE MUNOZ

It runs fine... but! - Dance floor: a place where people dance... NOT A PLACE WHERE PEOPLE LOSE HOLD OF GRAVITY AND FLY IN CIRCLES... that is all... - October 12, 2001 by Russell Culpepper

Works Fine - Plug-in runs perfectly smooth for me, even on full screen 1600x1200. I have Asus Geforce3 v8200 deluxe and runnin on an 1.33GHz Athlon. Graphics r nice however it'd be nice if it did a lil more variety than just that. - October 11, 2001 by Chris Dunno

SOOOOOOO BULL! - This great plugin runs GREAT on GeForce 2! I own a GeForce 2 GTS like Chris E and it runs just fine!! Anyone with a GF2-GTS DOWNLOAD! - September 16, 2001 by Christian Eils�e