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Coverflow 4th

Shows moving coverart

Shows moving coverart

A bit like apples coverflow.Shows moving coverart.Tested with Winamp 5.5 Classic / Bento only.Only works with a subdirectory for each album, containing a jpg/bmp file with the cover art. Click album to show titles /start album.Filter for image-files.Filter for genres.Adjustable size. (Smaller images = smoother flow)Optional control panel.Insert cover from clipboard / internet.Still some kind of beta (there are still some errors)Hope you like it, errors and suggestions [email protected]

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April 28, 2008 by soul carver57217 downloads

Coverflow 4th - Shows moving coverart

Staff review

A plugin for your coverart needs.

A plugin for your coverart needs.


Why go through all this trouble? - Wouldn't it be much more comfortable for the plugin to show the cover art straight from the mp3 tag? - April 25, 2009 by Hal Rockwell

Promissing - Good idea and looks nice.Needs a lot of input in order to work. Guess it could easily get info from Winamp media library.It seems to make a seperate assesment of where to find the pictures and how to interpret 'albums' guess it could be linked to the current album art in the ML.Good job, but need some polishing - April 5, 2009 by Chris vansnick

Nothing But Errors - Bad enough that the installer wanted to default to the temp directory the download was saved in, but after specifying a location where the image files were and pressing the "scan" button - nothing but error after error about how it can't open each file. Errors were in background as well, so if you weren't paying attention, you'd never see them. Finally it crashed WinAmp with a message suggesting I uninstall the plug-in. I did. - September 30, 2008 by Just SomeGuy

looks promising :) - Looking forward to stable future versions. Will keep an eye on this. Good work d:] - May 19, 2008 by Abi S.

Brilliant work in progress - Thank you so much for this, i made an account just to review your vis, it is exactly what i have been searching for.Unfortunately it is still extremely buggy and wont display more than about 5 photos without crashing winamp for me. Once it is finished and has a few more options i think you'll have the best visualization on this site.Great work. - May 8, 2008 by thb4r4zok5jb0hg thb4r4zok5jb0hg