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One tripped out universe

One tripped out universe

OpenGL driven plugin with featuring a funky solar system with texture mapped planets whos orbits are beat driven.

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February 21, 2001 by nathan kring97307 downloads

Corona - One tripped out universe

Staff review


Nice open GL visual plug-in involving a solar system among other objects. Choose between starfield, bouncing planets, shiny bursting sun, rotating colorful cube object, and spectrum analyzer and vu meter. -dg


hmmm - 1st run-double clicked on winamp's gui spectrum analyser,crashed on me... 2nd run-right clicked on spectrum analyser and selected start/stop plugin....ahh nice flaring sun and wierd orbits of planets....the flaring's abit square tho... - June 1, 2001 by Tai Chow Sing

Joseph Whitehead - spacey!!! - May 6, 2001 by Jon Whitehead