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Colorful Star



I know that the images suck because of bad quality, but it's Just an AVS preset that i made a few Days ago.
And the thumbnail doesn't look exactly like my avs here, because part of it is Cut off...
but the larger image looks more like it...
And it's more colorful than just white and green.
also, go easy on my rating, because this is my first upload.
~Jerry Windrim
(a.k.a. Jimbob)

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July 29, 2006 by Jerry Windrim5467 downloads

Colorful Star - ...

Staff review

Average single preset.

Not particularly good, nor particularly bad. Simple, but not offensively so. Funny license agreement in the installer. Do release a pack instead of single presets.


... - Uhh... yeah..., but i only upload the ones that i like the best. And, i also think maybe i should upload packs. - July 31, 2006 by Jerry Windrim