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Color It 2 -- New version

Now with more colors

Now with more colors

The new version of Color-It! is now finished. It now has more presets, more style, more movements, and the most important thing... MORE COLORS.

Enjoy it!

-Revoloudo productions

Updated. More presets and a better avs count.

P.D: Sorry for the installer, is pretty bad. But I fixed up some things (Not in the installer) and I hope this pack is better now. It has now 12 presets, not 8.

Download visualization

May 27, 2006 by Revoloudo productions3739 downloads

Color It 2 -- New version - Now with more colors

Staff review

A newbie remix pack.

They aren't all that bad (just below average), but the pack lacks variety, and some of the presets really fail to impress. However, the author shows some promise in terms of aesthetics, so...
Anyway, the installer is pretty bad (it's in Spanish, and without a path).